Tuesday, May 8, 2001

The Page 2 crew ranks the top feuds in sports history. Click here to submit your choice, and we'll run our readers' list Thursday:
5] Al Davis vs. Pete Rozelle
The image of Rozelle handing the Super Bowl trophy to Davis in '84 is still priceless.
4] Bobby Clarke vs. Eric Lindros
When family members get involved, it makes a feud all the juicier.
3] Reggie Jackson vs. Billy Martin
The best example of manager-player relations gone wrong.
2] Pete Rose vs. Bud Selig
The ultimate he-said, he-said affair.
1] Ali vs. Frazier
Although they've buried the hatchet, these two are always ready to "rumble."
Receiving votes: Roger Clemens vs. Mike Piazza, Bob Knight vs. Murray Sperber, Shaq vs. Kobe, Bob Arum vs. Don King

Leeds United at Valencia
2:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Winner gets Champions League final berth.
Sabres at Penguins
7 p.m. ET, ESPN
Time for another Mario comeback.
Kings at Lakers
10:30 p.m. ET, TBS
What can Shaq do for an encore?
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If you missed Page 2 over the last few days, here are some highlights:
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Yankee fansWhen Chuck Knoblauch was booed and harassed last week at the Metrodome, Yankee fans were shocked -- and rightfully so. As Page 2's Jim Caple points out, such behavior would never occur at Yankee Stadium, a utopia for all that it is good in sports.

With the NBA and NHL playoffs at a fever pitch and baseball entering its long, hot summer, the temperatures of sports fans are rising. But why many fans have found creative ways to show their team colors, others have gotten a little carried away and stepped over the line.

LudacrisDonyell Marshall
OK, we admit we've never heard of the rapper Ludacris. But a whopping 152 of you wrote in to point out how much he looks like Jazz forward Donyell Marshall, right, and we have to agree. Check out our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.
Ichiromania has taken hold of two nations, prompting millions of fans to want to know more -- and, in some cases, see more -- of the mysterious Mariner. Page 2 is out to get the real story about the Japanese phenom as he answers our 10 burning questions.



Deion SandersHe's the only man to play in both the World Series and the Super Bowl. So, what is Deion Sanders' next challenge now that he's dedicated himself to baseball and put football on the back burner? "Fishing. The pro bass tour. That's what I want to do next," says Sanders, who is so serious about his new sport that he has stocked a lake with fish at his Texas estate.
Colgate-Palmolive was forced to apologize for an ad that showed a map of New Jersey above a stick of deodorant with the words, "Unfortunately, there are some smells even we can't do anything about." As expected, the ad drew strong response from acting Jersey Gov. Donald DiFrnacesco, who wrote in an angry letter to Colgate CEO Reuben Mark: "The ad has put Colgate in the penalty box with me."

8 p.m. Bucks Hornets 196
10:30 p.m. Lakers 6 Kings 202
Wednesday 76ers Raptors 186
7 p.m. Penguins Pick 'em Sabres 5
All Times ET -- Bold indicates home team

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hey, rube! 

As usual, the Good Doctor was unable to resist the lure of the Kentucky Derby -- and that was just one of his gambling disasters over the weekend.
hit the cooler 

Page 2's Brian Murphy grills up a cheesesteak and pays tribute to Philladelphia's passionate fans.
real beauties 

Although A-Rod, Kobe and Gruden made People's "50 most beautiful" list, Page 2's Jim Caple points out 10 athletes who were overlooked.
the inside stuff 

On the way to the second round, Page 2's Ralph Wiley, along with a little help from Road Dog, reveals some hidden truths about the NBA playoffs.
second coming 

Amid all the rumors of another Michael Jordan comeback, Page 2's David Halberstam has just one simple request: Say it ain't so, Mike.

In the latest chapter of Wheeler's diaries, our hero is hired to help the Round Mound of Rebound watch his weight.
tale of the tape 

Page 2's Nick Bakay finds some problems with authority in his latest Tale of the Tape that pits NHL playoff refs vs. rogue cops.

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