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Page 2's Rob Ryder found out the hard way -- in New York City's public bathrooms, during filming of "The Warriors" -- how important a location is to the success of a movie. So when "Blue Chips" came along, he watched in wonder as director William Friedkin took Shaq and the crew to the heart of Bobby Knight country.

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Jameer Nelson is happy. Delonte West is happy. Phil Martelli is really happy. And why not? They're all at undefeated Saint Joseph's University. It's so good on Hawk Hill these days that some of that No. 3-with-a-bullet karma rubs off on Page 2's Alysse Minkoff.

The List Clicker Picker Finals
You only dodged one of Sunday's TV darts if you missed Janet Jackson's bare breast. Page 2's Tim Keown says you also had to duck the offensive slings and arrows of "Crank Yankers," Shaq and the Streaker.
Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer on "24" only needs one more bullet to knock off the last competition in the finals of Page 3's Clicker Picker bracket. But is that enough ammunition to take out Bart, Marge and Homer?

If Lennox Lewis retires, the Daily Quickie foresees a hole in the boxing world big enough for Butterbean to walk through. Plus, Shaq takes it out on the Cavs, and sports' top rivalries.

We all want a little bang for our buck, right? That includes owners of NBA teams, who pay out mega-salaries to so-called stars and all-too-often get precious little in return. These guys run up and down the court, sure. But that ain't enough for us. We're naming names: the NBA players who don't really earn their paychecks.

10]  Wesley Person, Trail Blazers ($7.7 million)
Good guy, veteran presence, no trouble -- a valuable commodity for this franchise. But at that price, the Blazers ought to be getting more than six points a game. And Person ought to be more than Portland's 10th man.
9]  Eddie Robinson, Bulls ($6.24 million)
This year's salary isn't the worst of it. The worst of it is that the Bulls owe him another $14 million over the next two seasons. And for what? He comes off the bench for one of the league's worst teams and contributes next to nothing.
8]  Austin Croshere, Pacers ($7.61 million)
Indiana rewarded Croshere with a big contract after he had a couple of good seasons a while back. The key words in that sentence: "a while back." In the new millenium, he's been little more than a highly-paid cheerleader..

Feb. 5 Sixers 2 Lakers 179
Feb. 5 Spurs 4.5 Sonics 186
Feb. 5 Duke 3.5 North Carolina NA
Feb. 5 Arizona 2 California NA
Feb. 5 Gonzaga 18.5 Pepperdine NA
Feb. 5 Fairfield 2.5 Caninius NA

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Greg Norman says he doesn't like women getting sponsored exemptions in men's tour events. Has the Shark spent too much time sunning on his yacht? The Writers' Bloc suggests Norman is onto something ... it's just not sure what.

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    Superpowers square off.
    The Apprentice
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