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Don't hire Johnnie Cochran and file a lawsuit. Don't appeal to Paul Tagliabue or some university president. If they really want to see more black football coaches on the NFL and college sidelines, black athletes need to step forward and wield the considerable power that they already possess, writes Page 2's Jason Whitlock.


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When is reaching base 12 times in 17 plate appearances in the World Series a bad thing? When you're talking about Barry Bonds, who has been given more free passes than Tony Soprano. Page 2's Ralph Wiley has some simple advice for Dusty Baker if he wants to stop Bonds' walk across California: Move Barry up to No. 3 in the order.

Sportoon What's Hot, What's Not
From the body armor to the hulking biceps to the baggy pants, Barry Bonds cast a figure in the batter's box like few sluggers in baseball history. Page 2 cartoonist Kurt Snibbe examines Bonds' total package to try to figure out what makes the Giants superstar so unstoppable.
In what might really be his final season, Michael Jordan is putting his reputation to the test like never before. Page 2's Dan Shanoff measures MJ's trend-setting temperature in this week's Hot List, from Jordan's new chin stubble to his dealing with extortion to his aging hoop skills.

Ratings are down, and The New York Times says NBC's "The West Wing" has jumped the shark. So, what's wrong with the White House drama that used to be the darling of critics? Page 2's Jeff Merron says there's a simple explanation: The show is sending out anti-football messages.

Baseball fans have voted Cal Ripken's big night as the most memorable moment in baseball history, but Page 2 wanted to expand the choices beyond MLB's 30 nominees. We've compiled our readers' picks for the best moments that missed the cut, along with a poll to crown the best moment left off baseball's list.

10]  Mets win 1969 World Series
"The long-shots delivered a shot of their own and walked into the sunset with the World Series championship."
9]  Dodgers win 1955 World Series
"The championship gave every laborer in the city the hope that they needed to survive in life."
8]  1994 baseball strike
"You never forget the bad times."

Sunday Raiders 3 Chiefs 55½
Sunday Patriots 3 Broncos 47
Sunday Saints 4 Falcons 47
Saturday Florida State 10½ Notre Dame NL
Saturday Oregon 1 Southern Cal NL
Saturday Michigan 4 Iowa NL
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From the high-stepping of Sweetness to the elusiveness of Barry Sanders, Eric Neel examines the styles of the NFL's best runners.

Don't call Terrell Owens a copycat. Don't ever count out Brett Favre. But do read Ralph Wiley's Uncensored NFL Thoughts from Week7.

The Sports Guy has some weird thoughts in his head, including musings on A.J. Soprano, Latrell Sprewell and Calista Flockhart.

After at least 621 incorrect NFL predictions, The New York Times finally pegged an exact final score, and TMQ was there to chronicle it.

Michael Vick is a star in the making, so Page 2's Dan Shanoff recommends a team of star-builders for the Falcons QB.
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It's Giants shortstop Rich Aurilia, left, and Bears QB Jim Miller. Page 2 has received 50 requests for this match. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

Penguins at Red Wings
7:30 p.m. ET, NHL Center Ice
Super Mario vs. the Cup champs.
College football: Hawaii at Fresno State
9 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Big game in the WAC, yo.
Kings at Lakers
10:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Preseason, but still worth a look.
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