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The lucky few have picture-in-picture or a wild set-up with multiple TVs. The rest of us must make a decision on a nightly basis over the next two months: Do we watch the NBA or NHL playoffs? Two of Page 2's finest have chosen: Eric Neel will hang with Kobe and Mariah, while Jim Armstrong will take the Ducks and unpredictability.

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Fence-jumpers and field-runners are a very misunderstood group. Nobody understands their overwhelming desire to vault out of their seats and invade the great playing fields of our nation. Nobody except Page 2's Tim Keown, that is. Maybe these folks aren't crazy, maybe they shouldn't be locked away and maybe a few extremists ruin it for everyone. Yeah, right.

10 Best Jobs The Sports Guy
Roy Williams faced a tough choice: What's a more prestigious job, KU or UNC hoops? Page 2's Jim Caple is facing an even tougher question: What are the 10 best coaching jobs in all of sports? From Ryder Cup captain to Yankees skipper to director of the Lake Show, Caple counts 'em down.
OK, so maybe you're not that interested in the Boston Marathon. That might change once you've read The Sports Guy's take on America's premier distance running event. Our man's view includes runners peeing on themselves, drunk fat guys, 53-pound women and hotties in very skimpy shorts.

How will LeBron's final prep game be a lot like his first year in the NBA? Why are the Raiders upset over the Bucs' logo? And how did Roy Williams get heckled in his return to KU? The Daily Quickie answers all these questions as it steamrolls into a big sports weekend.

After opening 0-9 for the season consecutive season, the Detroit Tigers are horrendously bad. However, they're not bad enough to make Page 2's list of the 10 worst pro sports teams of all-time -- at least not yet. Check out our list and vote for the worst of the worst.

10]  1936 Philadelphia Eagles (1-11)
After winning their opener against the Giants, the Eagles lost the next 11 to close out the season. Early in the year, Philly was shut out four games in a row, and during the entire season only managed to score 51 points, while surrendering 206.
9]  1980-81 Winnipeg Jets (9-57-14)
In their second NHL season, the Jets set both an NHL and a modern major pro sports record by going 30 games without a win in November and December.
8]  1952 Pittsburgh Pirates (42-112)
The Pirates slid in September, winning only four of their last 22 games to finish 22½ games behind the seventh-place Boston Braves. "They finished last -- on merit," Pittsburgh GM Branch Rickey said.

Eagles 5-1   Raiders 10-1
Rams 6-1   Dolphins 10-1
Buccaneers 7-1   Packers 15-1
Steelers 7-1   49ers 15-1
Patriots 10-1   Giants 15-1
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A visit from NFL Films had the Good Doctor thinking about his days of hanging out with the criminals of Raider Nation.

The only person more hated in Lawrence right now than Roy Williams? Try Dean Smith, writes Page 2's Jason Whitlock.

The NBA playoffs open this weekend, and Page 2's Dan Shanoff is here to tells us What's Hot and What's Not in pro hoops' second season.

After watching Kobe and Shaq all season, Page 2's Bill Simmons has determined that the NBA's super duo must be broken up ... NOW!

Now that the long 82-game season is over, Charley Rosen is ready for the playoffs, where everyone puts their reps and bodies on the line.

With Saddam's regime toppled in Iraq, Page 2's Jim Caple examines the next career move for the Iraqi information minister.
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It's St. Louis Blues goalie Chris Osgood, left, and actor David Morse of CBS's "Hack." This match was requested by Tom Wright of Royal Oak, Mich. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo for Page 2.

NHL Playoffs: Flyers at Maple Leafs
7 p.m. ET, ESPN2
No Desjardins, Leafs could tie it up.
NHL Playoffs: Avalanche at Wild
7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Up 3-2, all eyes on Colorado.
NBA Playoffs: Suns at Spurs
8 p.m. ET, TNT
This series is off to a great start.
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