Ali Contest
Spanning the globe (or at least William Perry's 400-pound girth) to bring you the widest world possible of sports, Page 2 has the "skinny" on the Fridge's latest athletic endeavor: a national hot dog-eating contest. And here's the upset (stomach) -- he's an ... er, "underdog" to a lean, mean,130-pound eating machine back to defend his title. CAPLE: STOCKING THE FRIDGE

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A "slump" means one thing to Tiger Woods, something else altogether to the rest of us. Fact is, sometimes TigerSpeak can be a different language. So Page 2's Brian Murphy provides a handy-dandy translator for Tiger's analysis of his tie for 20th place at the U.S. Open. What Tiger says isn't always what Tiger means.

Torre on the Couch The Daily Quickie
Tony Soprano has Dr. Melfi, so why shouldn't Joe Torre have his own shrink? Page 2's Eric Neel eavesdrops on the Yankees manager's session with Dr. Feelgood and gets an earful of problems. Yes, the Boss is one of them.
The Daily Quickie sees the Mets and Marlins playing a little game of "Any one-hitter you can do, I can do better." Then there are the 41 million hits it's costing Real Madrid to bring Mr. and Mrs. Posh Beckham to Spain.

Hillary may be making a bigger splash with her new tome, but Page 2's Eric Immerman has a hotter collection of titles for your summer reading list. Warning: May Not Be Suitable for Children!

With the mighty Yankees still sputtering, it's probably only a matter of time before George Steinbrenner does something crazy. (Heck, we've even read reports that Joe Torre's on the hot seat.) In anticipation of The Boss' upcoming meltdown, Page 2 looks back at Steinbrenner's 10 most rash moves of all-time:

10]  The Dental Plan incident
After the collective bargaining agreement went into affect last Aug. 30, Steinbrenner reacted by cutting budget. No, we don't mean Jeter's contract. First, The Boss cut hours for the Yankee Stadium elevator operators, and fired a few scouts. His next move came in October, when he canned 25 employees. Then he threatened to cut the dental plan -- not for the players or coaches, but for the secretaries and janitors and others.
9]  The "Mr. May" incident
Dave Winfield and Steinbrenner just never got along, and things got pretty ugly toward the end of Winfield's Yankee days, culminating with the owner labeling his superstar "Mr. May."
8]  The Michael incident
Less than 100 games into his 1982 managerial stint, Gene Michael got the boot after the Yankees dropped a doubleheader to the White Sox at Yankee Stadium.

Yankees 5-1   A's 10-1
Braves 6-1   Cubs 12-1
Mariners 7-1   Twins 12-1
Giants 8-1   Cardinals 15-1
Red Sox 8-1   Astros 15-1
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How can you survive the next six weeks until the NFL returns? TMQ recommends a steady diet of cheesecake.

Roger Clemens isn't the only Hall of Famer who faced a tough choice on which hat to wear. Jeff Merron provides a hat check of the Hall.

How would a team of the best and worst No. 1 picks in the NBA Draft stack up against the No. 2s, 3s, 4s ...? Page 2's Dan Shanoff provides the answer.

The Spurs might be the best NBA team of 2003, but Charley Rosen wonders if they're the worst NBA champion of all-time.

How do you make golf more interesting? Page 2's Brian Murphy says a topless woman on the 11th hole was a good place to start.
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It's Yankees reliver Antonio Osuna, left, and actor Luis Guzman of "Boogie Nights" fame. This match was requested by Josh Brill of New York. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

CWS: Cal State Fullerton vs. Stanford
7 p.m. ET, ESPN
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WUSA Soccer: All-Star Game
7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Best of the U.S. take on the world.
WNBA: Seattle Storm vs. L.A. Sparks
10 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Sue Bird meets Lisa Leslie.
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