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Sometimes, Page 2 just shakes its head in wonder at the strange goings-on in this world of ours. P. Diddy wants to buy the Knicks? Barry Bonds wants to erase Babe Ruth? The Rolling Stones want an arm and a leg for a concert ticket? Something is happenin' here. What it is ain't exactly clear. Until now.

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Many of you already know who she is and what she looks like. But should you? The Internet has changed the dynamic in the effort to protect the identity of Kobe's accuser. Page 2's Patrick Hruby examines the new ethics and Jeff Merron looks at current media controls.

Rating the Ballparks The Daily Quickie
Page 2's Jim Caple says Indians' fans are living the high life, especially when it's time to reach for the mustard at Jacobs Field. But the dreadful Chief Wahoo casts a dark cloud over the latest stop on our Ballpark Tour.
The Daily Quickie can't believe that Adam Sandler might be recreating one of Burt Reynolds' better movie moments. Plus, the DQ breaks down the big trades in the NBA and MLB, and goes Whaley-watching in Hartford.

Now that Karl Malone and Gary Payton are going to have to pinch pennies in Los Angeles, Page 2's Jim Caple offers a few suggestions for how the newest Lakers can live on a budget.

Every year in baseball there are a few guys seem to have that one career year, then fade away. So in their honor we present Page 2'sbiggest one-hit wonders:

10]  John Paciorek
Every day John Paciorek of the Houston Colt 45s played in the Majors, he was named Associated Press Player of the Day. That day was Sept. 29, 1963 when he went 3-for-3 against the Mets.
9]  Chuck Lindstrom
Lindstrom played only one game in the Majors, but he tripled and walked in his two plate appearances, for a 1.000 batting average, a 1.000 OBP, and a major league record 3.000 slugging percentage.
8]  Cesar Gutierrez
In a 12-inning game against the Indians in Cleveland in 1970, the shortstop set a major league record by going 7-for-7. He was out of baseball after the 1971 season

Yankees 5-1   A's 10-1
Braves 6-1   Cubs 12-1
Mariners 7-1   Twins 12-1
Giants 8-1   Cardinals 15-1
Red Sox 8-1   Astros 15-1
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From the NFL to the NCAA to the NBA summer league, the Sports Guy will lay down some action.

With the American nation crumbling, the Good Doctor can't be bothered to talk about things like Kobe Bryant.

Page 2's Kevin Jackson wonders why we're so quick to exonerate Kobe Bryant and so eager to discredit his accuser.

Page 2's Eric Neel says we needed Kobe as our athletic ideal. Now, we need another to fill that void.

Page 2's tour of the major-league ballparks stops off in Boston, where Fenway Park delivers a piece of baseball heaven.

Page 2's Brian Murphy could have stayed home and played Golden Tee if he wanted to see Ben Curtis win the British Open.
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Eagle County (Colo.) District Attorney Mark Hurlbert, left and actor Woody Harrleson. Page 2 has received 73 requests for this match. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo for Page 2.

MLB: Royals at Twins
1:05 p.m. ET, ESPN
Twins try to make up ground.
Greater Hartford Open
4 p.m. ET, USA
Suzy Whaley to take on the men.
WNBA: Fever at Mystics
8 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Holdsclaw tries to catch Fever.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2003