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One very noteworthy director (no clues, but his initials are Ron Shelton) makes the case for Danny Ainge over Michael Jordan as the world's greatest athlete, while Rob Ryder sets up a commercial shoot designed to portray bowlers as basketball players. Only in Hollywood, right? Only through the magic of movies.

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Call Page 2's Eric Neel a conspiracy theorist, if you must. But something must be rotten in the province of any franchise that considers firing Youppi!, its cute, cuddly mascot. As Carl Everett arrives and the ex-Yankee factor grows, it looks more and more as if Montreal is baseball's newest Evil Empire.

Santa Clauses The Daily Quickie
Welcome to Santa-palooza! Page 2's Tim Keown says the Sixers will keep us focused on Monday's Magic game by making sure Santa Claus (bad, and otherwise) comes to the Wachovia Center. Again and again.
Danny Ainge can't be sure yet if he got a lump of coal in his stocking with the Ricky Davis trade, but The Daily Quickie thinks there must be a bigger plot in play. Plus, an MVP rally for Donovan McNabb.

Video killed the radio star. So Chris Connelly wants to know if the celly and other high-tech tools are contributing to the delinquency of our sports stars. Let's hit Joe Horn on the 2-way and ask him.

Nobody ever accuses us of being afraid to accentuate the negative. So . . . hot on the heels of last week's inventory of the best moves of the year comes this week's counter-catalogue. Which goofs and gaffes make our list of worst moves of the year? There's only one way to find out.

10]  Stephen Jackson's Big Oopsie
Last year's swingman for the Spurs wanted to test the market, so he turned down San Antonio's $10 million, three-year offer. Just look at his contract now!
9]  The Thing That Wouldn't Leave
And Penn State won't make him go, so maybe Joe Paterno's continued tenure qualifies as a non-move rather than a move. A 22-26 record over the last four years says it's a bad decision either way.
8]  Sammy puts a cork in it
Whether he inadvertently picked up the wrong bat or not, Sammy Sosa's cork-popping swing last summer still tarnished a game badly in need of polish.

Rose USC 7 Michigan NL
Orange Florida State 2 Miami NL
Sugar Oklahoma LSU NL

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You think you've got it bad at work? The boss a little hard on you? Hours too long? Is that what's bothering you, Binky?

You ain't seen nothin' yet. We asked the members of the Writers' Bloc to come up with some really low jobs in the world of sports. Their conclusion? We all ought to be glad we don't have to rassle with Warren Sapp's undershirt after two-a-days.

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    Who was on the other end of Joe Horn's TD phone call? Page 2 imagines the call could have gone something like this ...

    Page 2's Bill Simmons says the NFL's playoff picture is as unbalanced as the NBA.
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    College Hoops: Princeton at Duke
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    Tigers visit their safety school.
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    Antoine's back in Beantown.
    NHL: Wild at Avalanche
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    Rare meeting of singular nicknames
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