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It started in January with Miller Lite's "Catfight" commercial. It continued through streakers and skimpy swimsuits and that fugitive from justice who kissed his sweetie for the cameras (and his parole officer) in Cincinnati. And of course, Anna is for always. Page 2's Jeff Merron presents The Year in Sex and Sports, Part One.

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College hoops? Page 2's Brian Murphy loves this game. From the frenzy of the fans to the hustle of the players to the blaring of the bands, college basketball beats the pro game to smithereens, and that's before March Madness even starts. Here are five reasons to cheer for any ol' alma mater.

Bowl Cheerleader Bracket The Daily Quickie
The games? Sure, they're important. But the cheerleaders are the really critical factors in the big bowls. So we give you video and more to help you vote in our BCS (Bowl Cheerleader Series) bracket.
The Daily Quickie watched Mr. Knight's Red Raiders whup up on Mr. Alford's Iowa on Monday night, and saw Darth schooling Luke in "Star Wars." Plus, Brett Favre's reality check and Isiah's new cap.

Jennie Finch has a lead that looks as commanding as her fastball. But it might not be too late for LeBron or Paris to mount a comeback. Vote now for Person of the Year in the PCS (Page 2 Computer Series).

We've seen some impressive debuts in the past year, on the field and off. Almost too many to choose from in our list of the best rookies of 2003.

10]  Laurence Maroney
Maroney, a freshman running back for the 9-3 Minnesota Gophers, ran for 990 yards (6th in the Big 10), and nine TDs. His average of 6.73 yards per carry was the highest among the top-10 rushers.
9]  Hideki Matsui
We know all about the arguments that Matsui isn't a "true rookie," but we don't have to care about rules for the purposes of this list -- Matsui was an MLB rookie, and, to put it briefly, came through on the biggest stage in the Bronx.
8]  Evans Rutto
We know what you're thinking -- who the heck is he? Rutto, a Kenyan, has become one of the best marathoners in the world. His first marathon in Chicago this year was the fastest first-time marathon of all time.

Monday Packers 5 Raiders 43½
Sunday Rams 10½ Lions 45½
Sunday Bengals 7 Browns 40½
Sunday Vikings 8 Cardinals 45
Sunday Ravens Steelers 38½
Rose USC Michigan NL
Orange Florida State 2 Miami NL
Sugar Oklahoma 6 LSU NL
Fiesta Kansas St 7 Ohio St NL

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Irvin Favre won't be there anymore when his son, Brett, comes off the field. Not Monday night in Oakland. Not ever again.

But he was there for Brett's other games, providing affirmation in a Jock Culture that sorely needs it. Robert Lipsyte's tale of the Favres is a touching Writers' Bloc tribute.

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    2003 Fort Worth Bowl
    7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
    TCU Horned Frogs go bowling.
    Simple Life
    8:30 p.m. ET, FOX
    Paris and Nicole, back in action.
    Men's Hoops: Illinois vs. Missouri
    9 ET, ESPN2
    For Big XII Busch braggin' rights.
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