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Page 2's Ralph Wiley says everybody in the Eastern Conference will be looking up at LeBron James and the Cavaliers in the not-so-distant future, now that Cleveland has opened up some room for LeBron to move by trading Ricky Davis. In fact, LeBron and the Cavs are well on their way to becoming the Chicago Bulls of the '90s.

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Sure, Page 2's Bill Simmons knows LeBron James has been hyped like no other player in NBA history. But the Sports Guy says we actually might have underestimated how good he really is. When a kid fresh out of high school makes you watch just to see what he'll do next, he's worth the hype.

The Daily Quickie The Book on Pete
The Daily Quickie watched Kobe Bryant try to beat the Nuggets, as well as the boo-birds in Denver, all by himself on Wednesday, and saw a poor man's version of King James. Plus, Dennis Green burns up Arizona, while Al Davis fiddles.
Page 2's Alysse Minkoff says the merits of Pete Rose's new book are being overlooked amid the hullabaloo over his confessions about gambling. How would she know? She found a sneaky way to get an advance copy.

Now that he's fessed up to gambling on games, Pete Rose just might be reinstated into baseball. And if he is, Sportoon has a few ideas about how Pete's unique talents will help him fit right in.

The Vikings were 6-0. The Vikings were without weaknesses. The Vikings were on their way. Of course, that was before the Vikings lost four games to teams that finished with 4-12 records. That was before their monumental collapse. But was Minnesota's implosion devastationg enough to make our list of the greatest swoons in sports history?

10]  2000: Portland Trail Blazers
For six-and-a-half minutes in the fourth quarter of the seventh game of the Western Conference finals, Portland's basket simply disappeared. The Blazers missed 13 straight shots, losing a 15-point lead and the game to the Lakers.
9]  1996: Greg Norman at the Masters
The Shark had a six-stroke lead to start the final round. An even-par 72 would win the Green Jacket. But from holes nine through 12, he was five-over par; his 6-over 78 didn't cut it. Nick Faldo won.
8]  1993: Jana Novotna at Wimbledon
From out of nowhere (well, the 8th seed, at least), Novotna rolled into the finals against Steffi Graf. In the third and deciding set, she was up 4-1 and a point away from making it 5-1. Then came a double-fault and . . .

Saturday Rams Panthers 45
Saturday Patriots 6 Titans 37
Sunday Chiefs 3 Colts 50
Sunday Eagles Packers 42

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Yesterday, the Writers' Bloc voted a few guys out of the Hall of Fame. Today, the WB wants a few guys in the Hall -- those stars of the '70s and '80s who seem to be getting the stiff arm from the voters. After all, who didn't think Steve Garvey was a Hall of Famer when he played?

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    Rob is getting nervous that he hasn't heard back from LeBron's agents. Is it something he said?

    Think Pete Rose gambling was bad? Page 2's Jim Caple has more confessions from the Hit King.
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    Ever wonder what new Knick Stephon Marbury would look like with a wig? How 'bout actress Regina King, right. This match was requested by Sonia Manzanares of Pearsall, Texas.Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

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