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In the end, it doesn't matter whether Barry Bonds used steroids, according to Ralph Wiley, because no performance-enhancing drug exists that can account for Bonds' power numbers. So why are we so outraged? For the answer to that question, Ralph suggests we look in the mirror. We might not like what we see.

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Page 2's Jason Whitlock issues an all-points bulletin in greater metropolitan Washington, D.C., to find the mythical National Football League salary cap, and comes up empty. The way Redskins' owner Daniel Snyder signs players, The Cap is as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster.

The Steroid Files The Daily Quickie
We'd heard about the BALCO Seven, but we hadn't heard what they actualy did with the steroids. So Page 2's Jim Caple investigates and takes testimony. Plus, Sportoon presents the Evil Dr. Longball.
The Daily Quickie hears that Al Davis made the call to Minny about Randy Moss, and wants to play NFL matchmaker. Plus, the Quickie's 'new' recruiting rules and a gambler's guide to Championship Week.

Willis Reed's courageous performance 24 years ago in Game 7 of the Finals might be the most unforgettable in NBA history. As he sits for 10 Burning Questions, Reed remembers May 8, 1970.

If it seems like the Yankees always get their man . . . well, they do. Alex Rodriguez is just the latest. How do they manage it? Among other ways, they make the biggest trades in baseball. So will the A-Rod deal make our list of the 10 best Yankee trades of all time?

10]  Allie Reynolds from the Indians
In 1946, Reynolds came to the Yankees with solid, but not spectacular, credentials. But almost as soon as the Yankees gave up Joe Gordon and Eddie Bockman to get him, he blossomed into a star.
9]  Tino Martinez, Jeff Nelson and Jim Mecir from the Mariners
In his six years as a Yankee, Martinez hit 175 home runs with 690 RBI. Nelson became a terrific set-up man for Mariano Rivera. The two players the Yankees traded away? Sterling Hitchcock and Russ Davis.
8]  Willie Randolph, Ken Brett and Dock Ellis from the Pirates
The Yanks sacrificed Doc Medich to get this trio in December 1975. Randolph played second base in Yankee Stadium for 13 years and was a five-time All-Star.

2004 World Series Phillies 12-1
2004 World Series Braves 18-1
2004 World Series Marlins 30-1
2004 World Series Mets 35-1
2004 World Series Expos 300-1

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Peter Keating takes the St. John's hoops scandal personally and suggests it's time to start going after the coaches and not just the players.

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    After watching regime after regime blow up his beloved Celtics, the Sports Guy is ready to take over.

    Page 2's Eric Neel is leading a revolution to free Yao Ming -- and he's enlisting your help.

    Page 2's Jeff Merron brings you the latest naughty news and notes from the worlds of sex and sports.
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    It's country music star Brad Paisley, right, and Rams quarterback Marc Bulger. This match was submitted by Matt Larsen of Forks, Wash. Browse our archives of past pairings or click here to submit a future duo for Page 2.

    NBA: Kings at 76ers
    7:30 p.m. ET, TNT
    Iverson and Co. still in playoff hunt.
    Men's Hoops: Cincinnati at DePaul
    9 p.m. ET, ESPN2
    Back to days of Aguirre in tourney bid.
    The Apprentice
    9 p.m. ET, NBC
    Avoiding the ax of Trump.
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