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Think it was just a meaningless exhibition game? You are wrong, jockstrap-breath. Sunday's Red Sox-Yankees tiff was for all the marbles -- at least, the marbles lost by the fans Jim Caple found camping out overnight for tickets. Not to worry if you missed the action. You can still play along with Page 2's exhibition board game.

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There's only one way, really, to write the definitive history of the sport formerly known as Our National Pastime: Ask Yankee fans. So Page 2's Eric Neel gets the coast-to-coast skinny on the game's past from A-to-Z, filtered through the eyes of the only people truly in the baseball know.

Weekend Water Cooler Olympic Hardhat Area
What would inspire Page 2's Brian Murphy to resuscitate the Weekend Water Cooler? Nothing less than a glorious pre-spring weekend in the Bay Area, capped by the season premiere of "The Sopranos."
Page 2's Steve Woodward gets up close and personal with preparations for the Summer Olympics in Athens, and comes back from Greece with this sage advice: Wear your protective headgear.

The Daily Quickie knows how the next chapter reads in O.J. Simpson's life story. Hint: It has to do with a search for a different sort of criminal. Plus, the Tim Couch boo-boo, and the 'Zags' funny seed.

It's Championship Week in college hoops and we've got the first of our March Madness lists: the 10 biggest surprise conference tournament winners.

10]  Central Florida, 1996 TAAC
UCF had lost 12 of 13 games at one point, lost twice by at least 40 points ... and then reeled off its first three-game winning streak of the season to win the conference tourney and reach the NCAA Tournament.
9]  Florida International, 1995 TAAC
The coach had already announced his resignation, the team was 8-18 in a terrible conference. Then, mini-miracle: FIU won three straight; at 11-18, it was in the Big Dance.
8]  Providence, 1994 Big East
The Friars were just the sixth seed for the conference tournament, but upset No. 3 UConn in the semifinals and beat Georgetown in the final to win their first Big East title.

2004 World Series Twins 30-1
2004 World Series White Sox 30-1
2004 World Series Royals 50-1
2004 World Series Indians 100-1
2004 World Series Tigers 100-1

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So in his new book, Ken Venturi has accused Arnold Palmer of cheating in the 1958 Masters. Maybe Arnie did; maybe Arnie didn't. But the Writers' Bloc has a few other questions for Venturi. Like, why now?

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    Derek and Nomar are now accepting applications to replace A-Rod in their Holy Trinity.
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    7 p.m. ET, ESPN
    No UConn -- can that be right?
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    Back for a second try as wild cards.
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