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Doctor's orders: Page 2's Bill Simmons was to spend the Tournament's first two rounds flat on his back, remote in hand. Then he saw Bob Huggins and Mark Few coach their teams to losses. He saw missed buzzer-beater after missed buzzer-beater. He saw the Tar Heels lose. And the Sports Guy had to stand up and holler. Ouch!

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Page 2's Hunter S. Thompson was prepared for his beloved Kentucky Wildcats and Tubby Smith to lose, but they were supposed to lose to Duke in the Final Four -- not to UAB in the second round. So how is the Good Doctor coping? Here's a hint: It involves ceremonial suicide.

All-Hair Team Wacky Bracket
From the 'fro sported by Stanford's Josh Childress to the freak flag flown by Utah's Tim Frost, Page 2's NCAA Tournament All-Hair Team is a barber's nightmare. What would happen if these guys get drafted by the Clippers?
As the Round of 16 continues in Page 2's Wacky Bracket, the lovely and oh-so-talented Britney Spears takes on that noted professorial taskmaster Jim Harrick, Jr. Think Britney would pass his test? Vote now!

The Daily Quickie says Martin Brodeur's 400th NHL win is a steppingstone more than a milestone, now that Patrick Roy is squarely in his sights. Plus, NCAA chutzpah, freshman frenzy and a Don Fehr door-crack.

They're the feel-good stories of the NCAA Tournament . . . unless the team that gets spiked by their glass slipper is your favorite. Here they are: the greatest Cinderellas from the tournament's last 25 years.

10]  Loyola Marymount, 1990
Reeling from the death of Hank Gathers, the high-scoring Lions nonetheless danced all the way to the Elite Eight.
9]  Virginia, 1984
The Cavaliers were unranked, but brushed aside Iona, Arkansas, Syracuse and Indiana en route to the Final Four.
8]  Providence, 1987
Just before the Friars' first tourney game, coach Rick Pitino's infant son died. Providence pulled together and reached the national semifinals.

March 25 St. Joseph's 2.5 Wake Forest 156.5
March 25 Oklahoma St. 2 Pittsburgh 127.5
March 25 Syracuse 1.5 Alabama 134.5
March 25 Connecticut 8.5 Vanderbilt 140
March 26 Duke 7 Illinois 145.5
March 26 Texas 2.5 Xavier 142
March 26 Georgia Tech 4 Nevada 149.5
March 26 Kansas 4 UAB 154.5

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Terrell Owens got what he wanted, but he still needs to learn something, writes Alan Grant: There's a time to speak out, and a time to shut up, and T.O. has yet to learn the difference.

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    Page 2's Alysse Minkoff takes the overs and unders in Vegas during the first and second rounds, and ends sideways and up.
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    NBA: Dallas at Indiana
    8 p.m. ET, ESPN
    Pacers will be without team MVP O'Neal.
    NBA: Los Angeles at Sacramento
    10 p.m. ET, ESPN
    Possible preview of West finals.  
    Law and Order
    10 p.m. ET, NBC
    Still a strong drama in its 14th season.
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