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Being ... Andre Agassi
Page 2 staff

He's made a habit of dating beautiful women and winning Grand Slam tournaments. So, what's it like to be rock-'n'-roll tennis star Andre Agassi? Click through Agassi's inner thoughts with Page 2 to find out.

"All I wanted was the chance to perform with 'Poison' once. Maybe just sing backup."

"I know a little about reviving a career after everyone says you're finished. Maybe I should give Pete a call."

"Do you know how many times I had to sit through 'Funny Girl'?"

"Do you know how many stupid episodes of 'Suddenly Susan' I had to watch?"

"Living with Steffi ain't really that easy. She leaves Grand Slam trophies sitting around everywhere, and then there's that dog."

"Mac was married to Tatum O'Neal? Somehow I missed that one."

"Fans love spontaneous displays of emotion, which is why my agent and I spent so much time planning this one."

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