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Being ... Jeff Van Gundy
Page 2 staff

He's short, bald and poorly dressed. In other words, Jeff Van Gundy looks like anything but an NBA coach. So, does the Knicks bench boss feel slighted by a lack of respect? Let's go inside his head to find out.

He has ridden Alonzo Mourning's leg, been head-butted by one of his own players and watched his car get blown off the runway by the team plane. He also has feuded with Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan and the Knicks chaplain.

So what's on Jeff Van Gundy's mind as the 2001 NBA playoffs approach? Use your mouse to find out.

"When I grabbed onto Mourning's leg, I looked pretty stupid -- but at least I didn't have to get stitches like I did when Camby head-butted me."

"What Would Jesus Do about all these darn God squadders?"

"Man, I loved that 1995 Honda Civic. I'll never forgive myself for parking it so close to the runway last summer. I wish Houston could drive like that."

"I wonder why all these guys keep handing me cards for their tailors? What's wrong with The Men's Warehouse?"

"Who did Big Chief Triangle sell his soul to? First, he had MJ and Pip. Now, he gets Shaq, Kobe and Jeannie Buss. Let's see how he'd do with Luc Longley."

"Maybe it's time for me to get rid of my WWRD bracelet."

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