Where would you send Jim Caple?

Jim Caple at Marquette
This photo includes a dozen partying Marquette students and one aging sportswriter. We're sure you know which is which.
You've seen the evidence. Jim Caple knows that when in Rome ... you must do as the college kids do. That's why we caught him sporting a toga during his visit to Marquette.

Later this week, Page 2's Jim Caple will also visit the campuses of Syracuse, Kansas and Texas. He'd like some tips from you on where he should stop in Austin, Lawrence and Syracuse. Use the mailform below to offer your expert campus advice. Where should he eat, drink, party, sleep?

Be sure to fill out the form completely. If you omit your name or city, we'll ignore you. Just hit the "submit" button to send your comment to us.

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Where would you send Jim Caple?


Caple: Animal House, Part Deux

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