Who should play Christopher?
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Now that you've made it to the end of Page 2's Casting Call for "The Sopranos," say "hello" to my little friend.

Now we need your pick for the best sports personality to play Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli), Tony Soprano's nephew and aspiring made man.
Christopher Moltisanti
Christopher Moltisanti
We need someone who can portray a young hothead, someone to play Tony's favorite -- the son he's never going to have -- and an extremely dangerous man.

After voting for your pick to portray Moltisanti, we'll take you back to the start so you can see who's leading at the polls.

Thanks for voting.

Max Kellerman
Page 2's pick.

Vinnie Del Negro
He's small in his world -- just like Chris, and he's got a great Italian mob name.
Doug Grassian, Longwood, Fla.

Rick Pitino
Looks just like him ... has the hair ... has the tragic flaw (see Celtics), and has that, "I could blow at any minute" quality.
Dan Quam, Edgerton, Wis.

Tony Stewart
Short-fused and explosive ... just picture him crashed out in the infield of a NASCAR track (which happens about every third race) waving a Glock around instead of his helmet.
Chris, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Nomar Garciaparra
He's got the hair and he could definitely be nasty looking in an expensive silk suit.
Tom Farrell, Syracuse, N.Y.


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