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Between boxing news conferences, musical franchises and Ray Lewis' wardrobe, real news is often stranger than anything found on some college coach's résumé.

So recent events have inspired us to present another Bizarre and Bogus quiz to see if you can tell fact from fiction.

We've rounded up some stranger-than-fiction tales below, plus one that we made up. Take a look at the choices below, then click here to find out the truth about all of these Bizarre and Bogus stories.

Allen Iverson

  • No. 1 Trying to get a jump on the next sports merchandising fad, the 76ers recently gave away thousands of rubber duckies with likenesses of Philadelphia point guard Allen Iverson.

  • No. 2 When Sacramento power forward Chris Webber was suffering from an ankle injury earlier this season, his aunt in Michigan prescribed a remedy that called for applying a sack full of cow manure mixed with ammonia onto his leg.

  • No. 3 Mark Cuban has hired his boss at the Dairy Queen where the Mavericks owner worked for a day last week to serve as assistant adviser, management operations for his team

    Tommy Haas
    Tommy Haas

  • No. 4 Tommy Haas got into an argument with a chair umpire at the Australian Open over the Nike logo on the German player's hat.

  • No. 5 Sixteen years after Chicago shimmied to the "Super Bowl Shuffle," current Bears cornerback R.W. McQuarters recorded a rap song, "Midway Monsters," in tribute to the 13-3 NFC Central champions.

  • No. 6 Oakland Raiders wide receiver Jerry Rice has helped develop a vitamin-fortified brand of candy called Jerry Rice's Playmakers. The colorful baseball- and football-shaped gummies are said to provide a quick energy boost.


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