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If you said the John Henry Williams partnership with the Raelians on a Dominican baseball team, you're right. Unfortunately, we wouldn't be surprised if the two sides are business partners in the future, however.

Here's some more background on these stories:

Russians blame riot on "The Big Lebowski": TrueGolfer blames duck droppings for missed putt: True
The Big Lebowski
Oregon Duck
An advertising agency was fined $10,000, and a Russian court upheld the penalty Jan. 14, for showing a clip from "The Big Lebowski" that the government said contributed to a riot in Moscow. After watching Japan defeat Russian in a controversial World Cup match on a giant screen, one person was killed when fans burned cars and smashed windows. The government said the "Lebowski" clip, shown on the same screen after the match, of a man smashing a car with a baseball bat sparked the violence.
David Hartshorne complained to the New Zealand PGA that he missed a crucial putt, which eliminated him from a qualifying competition for this year's New Zealand Open, because of duck droppings on the green. Hartshorne requested relief on a 35-foot putt on the first hole of a three-way playoff because of duck droppings on the line of his putt, but he was refused by the New Zealand Open director and qualifying tournament referee. Hartshorne argued droppings were a loose impediment which he could have lifted or brushed aside. Aickin said the droppings had adhered to the green, been baked by the sun and would not have impeded the track of the ball. "Fresh dung will sit there a couple of centimeters high, but once somebody stands on it, it flattens and it gets baked to the green and that was quite simply the situation," Aickin said.

Emmitt Smith denied induction into Texas Sports Hall of Fame: TrueJohn Henry Williams and Raelians partnership: False
Emmitt Smith
Raelian leader
Before he was dumped by the Cowboys after 13 seasons, Smith told the Texas Sports Hall of Fame he couldn't attend the Feb. 12 enshrinement. The Waco museum's rules require honorees to appear at the banquet to be enshrined. This has also kept cycling great, and Texan, Lance Armstrong out of the Hall because he's too busy preparing for the Tour de France that time of year.
Williams hasn't teamed up with the Raelians yet. But if the Schaumburg Flyers of the independent Northern League would sign the son of Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams, then the folks at Clonaid will probably have an interest as well.

Blue Jays prospect released for stealing cash from teammate: TrueIslanders throw boxer shorts on ice: True
Pasqual Coco
Jason Blake
Pasqual Coco was released March 15 after admitting he took $900 out of the pants of good friend and roommate Diegomar Markwell while Markwell was working out at the Jays' minor-league camp. Coco apologized to Markwell and the Blue Jays and told The Toronto Star there was "a good reason" he took the money, though he didn't elaborate.
No, Tom Jones wasn't performing Jan. 11 at Nassau Coliseum, but it was boxer shorts night as part of an Islanders promotion. After New York's Jason Blake scored his third goal of the game at 10:13 of the second period against Atlanta, about 200 or so pairs of blue boxers rained down on the ice.


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