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Answers come rolling in
From the Page 2 mailbag

On Tuesday, Page 2 received the photo below over our newswires, but there was no caption information included.

We only knew that this photo was taken Monday at a sporting event somewhere in the world. We asked for your help in determining what exactly what was going on in the picture.

Here are the best of the responses we received. And, by the way, we've since learned the answer, and it's included at the bottom:

These poor saps were obviously mistaken for the Washington Wizards backcourt.

John Bertolini
Sebring, Ohio

These two men are being disciplined by their new basketball coach, Bob Knight, for a loss suffered against the local girls' high school team.

Brad Buzby
Chalfont, Pa.

The tractor represents's Page 2, and I am the person being crushed. This symbolizes's refusal to accept any of my submitted matches for Page 2's "Here's Looking at You" feature.

Kevin Harrington

While following his wife to her obligations in Tunisia on Monday, Rony Seikaly lost control when a few locals attempted the "flower trick" with his wife again, and rather than throw the flowers into the road, Seikaly decided on more drastic measures this time, renting the only available vehicle.

Buffalo, N.Y.

"You boys tell Mr. International Harvester that Mr. John Deere runs the farming on this side of town!"

J. Kaifesh
Burbank, Calif.

The Third World's answer to monster truck competitions, this thrilling sport is taking Brazil by storm. Not to be deterred by a shortage of monster trucks (and cars for that matter), those resourceful Brazilians jump in and fire up whatever's handy, then go bouncing over anything that happens to be lying in their way. These two gentlemen were engaged in diligent prayer when, all of a sudden, they were taking an active role in Latin America's newest craze.

David G. Price
Versailles, Ky.

"What great seats! You say your boss gave them to you? Wow! It feels like we are right in the middle of the action. Plus this free massage isn't bad either!!!"

Sean Lewis
Ogden, Utah

Two members of the Indian team hold their ground during the back-breaker event at the 2001 Sweatshop Games outside of Calcutta, India. Vietnam won the gold medal in this team event, Bangladesh took the silver and India was third. The Games were sponsored by Nike.

Josue Sakata

Is it physical therapy? Is it a fun-filled event for you and your family at your local dome/multipurpose stadium? It's both! Coming this Sunday! Sunday! SUNDAY! It's the "Tractor Hamstring Pull"!

Martin Craddock
Eastpointe, Mich.

In an effort to increase ratings, the XFL institutes "XFL: Runnin' over the fans" night sponsored by John Deere. These two men become the first to experience the newly created promotion.

Wes Huett
East Peoria, Ill.

George Steinbrenner punishes his unruly groundscrew.

J Ferry

At the Mirage sports book, the guy under the front right wheel is the 6-5 favorite.

Larry Davidson
Las Vegas

It's a new way to score in the XFL. After a touchdown, you can lie down and have various vehicles drive over you. The heavier it is, the more extra points you can get.

Mike Pickering

"Boy, when we acted up at the soccer game in England, all they did was spray water on us."

Andy Purvin
Buffalo Gorve, Ill.

Well, it doesn't hurt as much as Robert Traylor ...

College Park, Md.

Geesh, the parking in Bombay is so bad, people will do anything to save a spot.

John Gosselink
Smithville, Texas

Some desperate Grizzlies fans try to keep the team from leaving town.

Jason Lake
Vancouver, British Columbia

The real story behind "He Hate Me."

Chris Brown
Middletown, Ohio

Football owners in India's version of the NFL have already raised the ticket prices, charge 10 bucks for a beef-free hotdog and charge to watch preseason practices. Now they are teaming up to literally squeeze the money out of the few remaining fans.

Jeff Boyles
Manhattan, Kan.

... And now the real answer ...
As submitted by Mark Tomaszewicz of New York, who gets major props for not only having the right answer but also being the first to respond:

"That picture was on CNN as "The Picture of the Day" from the "Rural Olympics" in the state of Punjab, India."

The official description from The Associated Press says, "Participating farmers display their strength by allowing a tractor carrying more than 10 adults to pass over them during the finals of 67th Kila Raipur sports festival, also known as the Rural Olympics of India, at Kila Raipur Village, in the northwestern Indian state of Punjab."

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