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Nothing but net
From the Page 2 mailbag

Bango, the Milwaukee Bucks mascot, was caught in the net in last week's Page 2 Mystery Photo, and we wanted you to help us figure out what was going on.

Here are some of the best caption suggestions from Page 2 readers.

The Bucks have figured out a way to stop Shaq from getting those easy baskets.
Matt Squires
Athens Ohio

Jeez! Make one joke to Shaq about his sex life ...
Dave A.
Weehawken, N.J.

I can't believe they didn't call a flagrant foul on Juwan Howard for this!
Josh Plante
Storrs, Conn.

Apparently, Bango owes Charles Oakley money too.
Peter Newhall
Northfield, Minn.

Further proof that Ray Allen can make any shot he throws up.
Mike Spitzack
Eagan, Minn.

From way downtown ... Bango!
Craig Degel

The Buck stops here!
Keith Saurin
Tempe, Ariz.

Want to get away? Southwest Airlines has low fares to your favorite destinations.
Jeff Utech
North Liberty, Iowa

I guess I called him Jesus Shuttlesworth one too many times ...
Jason Rugg
King of Prussia, Pa.

I don't know, but David Stern is blaming Mark Cuban for it ...
Bob Mund
Missoula, Mont.

I was just trying to reset the shot clock, that's all. I swear!

At least I don't work for the Bulls.
Brett Greene
Parker, Colo.

I guess Trey Wingo is a lot tougher than he looks.
Andrew Norton
Cheney, Wa.

What the Buck?
Neal Koblitz
Lake Park, Fla.

Illegal defense.
Vladimir Belo
Columbus, Ohio

This better get me on Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks!
Bill Von Fumetti
Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Obviously he didn't watch his Tom Emanski "Defensive Drills" video endorsed by Fred McGriff.
Adam Kozek
Medford, N.J.

Man, that Hornets mascot is mean.
Scot Willingham

Too much Bango for his Bucks
Bronx, N.Y.

Never ever call Barkley a fat has-been!
Chad Baker
Manchester, Pa.

Did the San Diego Chicken ever have to suffer this sort of humiliation? No, I don't think so.
Jim DeLosh
St. Petersburg, Fla.

"Be The Mascot For A Day" contest goes horribly wrong.
James Chang
Playa del Rey, Calif.

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