Mac attack
From the Page 2 mailbag

We weren't just confused by our Mystery Photo this week, we were confused and creeped out.

John McEnroe
We didn't know what was going on with John McEnroe, so we sought your advice. We knew you'd have some great ideas, and you filled our mailbag with more than 1,000 responses.

Here's a look at some of the best caption suggestions from our readers.

Wow ... Tatum O'Neal took everything. Even his fashion sense. Give me the number of her lawyer.
Craig Morris
Lowell, Mass.

[Ed Grimley voice] "That was a pretty excellent overhead, I must say."

John sports the famed "John Stockton" look.
Ezra Hallam
Lawrence, Kan.

John McEnroe takes a bow after winning the Hernia Open at Sunwater Springs Retirement Community Tennis Complex.
Kevin Stow

John McEnroe shows David Stern why really baggy shorts in the NBA is a good idea.
David Olsho

... and now, John McEnroe for Depends.
Rich Shapiro
Framingham, Mass.

In an unfortunate turn of events, John McEnroe receives Tyra Banks' invitation to model at the latest Victoria's Secret runway show.
Jeff Talbott
Owings Mills, Md.

Showing that even though he has gotten older, he can still be a baby, Johnny Mac is seen here in his diapers, two minutes before throwing his racket to the ground and crying uncontrollably for half an hour.
Ty Moore
Manhattan Beach, Calif.

John McEnroe's way to smuggle fruit past airport security.
Garvie MacDiarmid

McEnroe lets the crowd know he "sees the light" after receiving a fierce wedgie from the net judge while vociferously disputing a call.

Once again, John McEnroe has gotten his panties all in a bunch during a tennis match.
Dan Kern
Lindenhurst, N.Y.

John McEnroe's not-so-cool twin brother, Skippy, salutes the crowd at a recent charity event.
Sean Jasper Denham
Belmar, N.J.

John McEnroe is caught in this picture impersonating Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. Not pictured are the 13 groupies and a mud shark.
Seth Limanek
Millville, Mass.

Having just been wedgied by a deranged fan, John McEnroe lets the fans know he's all right. His shorts were later removed successfully in a six-hour operation. McEnroe is expected to fully recover.
Cygakka Singer
Tallahassee, Fla.

I honestly have nothing to say to this. You guys are gonna have to foot my therapy bill.
Scott Senay
McKeesport, Pa

John McEnroe unveils the new "Fred Mertz" line of tennis apparel.
Joe Romano
Roselle Park, N.J.

This picture is just so very, very wrong. I was attempting to claw out my own eyes, when I accidently smashed my computer monitor, which saved me from this horrible image (but not before I e-mailed it to a half-dozen friends).
John Branstad
Mankato, Minn.

"Bask in my glory you mere mortals, for I am John McEnroe, King of the Wedgies."
Don Krueger
Reno, Nev.

And here is the real caption from The Associated Press: John McEnroe plays to the crowd Dec. 5 during his match against Henri Leconte at the Honda Challenge, part of the Delta Tour at the Albert Hall in London's Kensington. (AP Photo/Richard Lewis)


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