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The calendar says Sunday is the first official day of fall, but we all know that fall truly began a couple weeks back when football season started. So, it's time for Page 2's annual Fall Fashion Report, our look at the new uniforms and logos we're seeing in the sports world.

We start with the new jerseys for the Oregon Ducks football team. Now, we at Page 2 don't really want to influence the voting, so we'll withhold our opinion. Just cast your vote in the poll at right to tell us what you think of the ugliest ... uh, we mean boldest jerseys in sports. You'll then move on to examine the new looks for the Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, plus the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes and baseball's Toronto Blue Jays.

Old Oregon uniformsNew Oregon uniforms


Makin' It Better: Atlanta Falcons uniforms

Makin' It Better: Dolphins' orange uniforms

Makin' It Better: Detroit Lions uniforms

Makin' It Better: Cleveland Browns pants

Makin' It Better: Phoenix Coyotes jerseys

Makin' It Better: Toronto Blue Jay logo

Makin' It Better: Cincinnati Bengals pants

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