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Page 2's Power Poll dares to rate the teams that are currently wielding the most power in the entire sports universe.

Each week, our poll will rank the 10 teams at the top of the power heap -- and the five teams that have lost the most power in the past week. And, by the way, Page 2 uses its own definition for a "team" -- any group of two or more bonded together for the common purpose.

Our Momentum Meter also predicts the direction these teams will be heading in future weeks (see the bottom of the page for a full explanation).

If you've got anything to say about our Top 10 or our Bottom 5, click here to comment -- or forever hold your peace.


1. Brazil soccer Brazil The only four-time World Cup champ looks poised to become the only five-time World Cup champ.

2. Germany soccer Germany Well-programed robots faring well as usual.

3. The legend that is Marion Jones Marion Jones The only double winner (100- and 200-meter sprints) at the USA Track and Field outdoor championships.

4. Oakland A's Oakland A's After their usual zombielike start, the A's have won 16 of their last 17 games to close within two games of the M's.

5. The illusion of interest in soccer in USA United States It was fun while it lasted, but unfortunately there's a huge gap in quality between World Cup and MLS.

6. Gracefully aging U.S. women track stars Devers, Jacobs, Dragila Regina Jacobs, 38 (1,500 meters), Jearl Miles-Clark, 36 (400 meters), Gail Devers, 35 (100-meter hurdles), Sandra Glover, 33 (400-meter hurdles) and Stacy Dragila, 31 (pole vault), all won track and field titles this weekend -- everybody but Miles-Clark for the fourth straight time.

7.Contraction teams Twins, Expos The Minnesota Twins are cruising to the AL Central crown (a seven-game lead over the White Sox, largest lead in any division) and the Montreal Expos, off a 9-1 run, are in second place in the NL East.

8. Turkey soccer Turkey Colorless to the max, but still made World Cup's final four ... and don't be amazed if the Turks knock off Brazil. They were unlucky to lose to the four-time champs by a single goal in the opening round of this year's tournament.

9. Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers After sweeping three straight from the Boston Red Sox (who came in with the best record in baseball), the Dodgers now own the second-best record in the NL (46-29) and a ½-game lead over the defending champion Diamondbacks.

10. New York Yankees New York Yankees Yawn. Did somebody say, "Best record in baseball"? (Just wait till the pitching gets healthy.)

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5. NHL draft NHL draft If they hold a draft and hardly anybody cares, does it make a difference?

4. MLB dregs Devil Rays, Brewers The Tampa Bay Devil Rays continue to hold a slim one-game lead over Bud's Boys (the Milwaukee Brewers) in their scintillating battle to determine the worst team in the game.

3. European soccer powerhouses Italy, England, Spain, France, Portugal What do Italy, France, England, Spain and Portugal have in common? They're all gone from the World Cup, and all -- with the exception of England -- left whining about the refereeing.

2. The legend that was Pete Sampras Pete Sampras Has anybody ever fallen so far so fast ... and so unexpectedly?

1. Perugia Perugia Hitting a historic low in sportsmanship, Perugia chairman Luciano Gaucci fired South Korea's Ahn Jung-hwan for scoring the golden goal that knocked Italy out of the World Cup. After all the bad press, the Serie A club wants Ahn back. Grazie, but no grazie.

ALSO RECEIVING VOTES: Kansas City Royals, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, Martha Stewart, Amtrak, Yasser Arafat, Elton John

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