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Fenway Park
Fenway Park
PRO-RECALL: There's a reason we have museums. It's nice to see 19th century fire engines, but you'd rather have the big rigs coming to your house. Take one look at the bill from the chiropractor and orthopedic surgeon after sitting through an extra-innings game at Fenway, and you'll know it's time to build a new park. If nostalgia is a must, some of that lovely beer-urine aroma can be pumped into the new park's concourses.

NO RECALL: Enough with trying to modernize history. Not everything can be a theme park, complete with water slides and massage tables. Fenway Park is living history, and if you can't deal with squeezing your super-sized rear end into seats that gave fans glimpses of Babe Ruth and Ted Williams, then head home to your climate-controlled living room to sit in your heated recliner and watch the game on your plasma screen. You big wuss.

REPLACEMENTS: Millennium Dome, Cheers!, Boston Garden, Olympic Stadium, Alcor Life Extension Foundation


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