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All this week, Page 2 has embraced the concept of "bias" and tried to view sports through the eyes of fans in the East, West and all points in between.

We've quickly learned that the same player, team or sporting event can take on a whole different meaning just by changing your geographic location.

To prove it, we now present this primer of how a change of address quickly changes your opinion:

TOPIC: Luis Gonzalez's bloop single to left to beat the Yankees in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series.
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez leads a celebration of every American living outside the New York city limits.
East: We still get a ring, right?
South: Damn! Can't believe the Cowboys fell to 2-5 today.
Midwest: Gonzo! Gracie! The Ex-Cub Curse has been lifted!
West: A solid line-drive to left.

TOPIC: "The shot heard 'round the world."
East: (tie) Bobby Thomson's homer in '51 Series; Jim Leyritz's HR in '96 Series.
South: Steve Spurrier's reference to the Seminoles as "Free Shoes University."
Midwest: Bill Mazeroski's homer in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series.
West: Kirk Gibson's homer in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.

TOPIC: Patriots stun Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI.
East: The Sports Guy must be rip-roaring drunk.
South: Only four weeks until 'Noles/Gators/'Canes start spring practice.
Midwest: How could Martz only give Marshall Faulk 17 carries?
West: It was a FUMBLE!

TOPIC: Bill Buckner's error in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.
East: NYC: Proof that God exists; New England: Proof that Satan exists.
South: Clemens needed to "Cowboy up" in the seventh.
Midwest: Still obsessed with Don Denkinger.
West: Still hate that damn Dave Henderson

TOPIC: Ohio State beats Miami to win 2002 national championship in college football.
East: My therapist has forbidden me from using the words "pass interference."
South: Damn, the Texans could use that Maurice Clarett.
Midwest: Jim Tressel is the second coming of Woody Hayes.
West: USC is playing the best football of anyone right now.

TOPIC: Angels beat the Giants in Game 7 of the 2002 World Series.
East: Zzzzzzzzz.
South: No way this silly baseball game should bump Emmitt Smith breaking the rushing record off the front page.
Midwest: Wonder which of these guys will be the Cubs' free-agent flop next year?
West: San Francisco: Hate that damn Monkey; Everywhere else: Take that, Barry Bonds!

TOPIC: Tiger Woods wins three of golf's four majors in 2002.
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods displays the swing of Jeter, the power of Emmitt and the grace of MJ.
East: He's like the New York Yankees of golf.
South: He's like the Dallas Cowboys of golf.
Midwest: MJ has really rubbed off on this guy.
West: See what a Stanford education can do for you.

TOPIC: UConn women win back-to-back basketball titles.
East: Geno is God.
South: Geno learned everything he knows from Pat Summitt.
Midwest: How the hell do you pronounce that guy's last name?
West: Anyone ever seen Geno and Torre in the same room at the same time?

TOPIC: Syracuse wins 2003 NCAA men's basketball championship.
East: Goes to show that Boeheim was underrated all these years.
South: I can't believe Boeheim has half as many titles as Dean Smith.
Midwest: Goes to show that Roy Williams is still overrated all these years.
West: Boeheim's wife is hot!

TOPIC: Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa chase Roger Maris in '98.
East: Sure, but those fences in Yankee Stadium were a lot deeper in '61.
South: Just wait 'til Chipper warms up.
Midwest: All's right with the world.
West: Seventy? That's all you got? Try 73 on for size.

TOPIC: Sosa gets caught with a corked bat.
East: He's no Babe Ruth/Ted Williams.
South: Hey, no big deal; in the SEC cheating is a necessary evil.
Midwest: Well, at least this will be great for T-shirt sales outside Wrigley.
West: Hey, at least Bonds doesn't use cork.

TOPIC: Mike Price gets into trouble and is fired as Alabama football coach.
East: This is why we don't pay attention to college football.
South: He should have at least gone to Mons Venus.
Midwest: What's an exotic dancer?
West: They sure don't have places like that in Pullman.

TOPIC: Carlton Fisk hits game-winning homer in Game 6 of '75 World Series.
East: Greatest baseball moment ever.
South: Graduated from Fisk University, didn't he?
Midwest: Uh ... by the way, the Reds won Game 7
West: The A's were better than the Big Red Machine

TOPIC: Derek Jeter makes a great play to throw out Jeremy Giambi in the '01 playoffs.
Derek Jeter
Most New Yorkers consider this play to be the Eighth Wonder of the World.
East: He's the greatest player of all time! (Yankee fans only)
South: I hate the damn Yankees.
Midwest: I hate the damn Yankees.
West: Slide next time, moron?

TOPIC: Jeff Gordon and his wife Brooke, the former Miss Winston, are divorced after a nine-year marriage.
East: Is he any relation to Tom Gordon?
South: A bigger breakup than Charles and Di.
Midwest: Those sinners!
West: They were married???

TOPIC: Bill Parcells
East: Savior, traitor, savior, traitor, "homo."
South: Anti-Christ, savior.
Midwest: Why do they call him "Tuna"?
West: He's no Bill Walsh.

TOPIC: Michael Jordan
East: Robbed the Knicks of at least three rings.
South: Could never hit the curveball.
Midwest: One-third of the holy trinity with Ditka and Sweetness.
West: Pushed off on Bryon Russell.

TOPIC: West Coast Offense.
East: Do we really have to call it that?
South: Nobody runs it better than Gruden.
Midwest: Can't touch Vermeil's spread.
West: There's a reason all 32 NFL teams are running it.

TOPIC: The real Dr. Evil.
East: George Steinbrenner.
South: Jerry Jones.
Midwest: Jerry Reinsdorf.
West: Al Davis.


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