Harvard/Yale vs. Miami/Florida St.
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  • Series began in 1875.

  • Yale leads the series, 64-47-8.

  • This year's game will be played on Nov. 22 at Yale.
  • The teams first played each other in 1951.

  • Miami leads the series 27-20.

  • Miami beat FSU this season, 22-14.
  • Harvard/Yale
    Truth trumps the facts
    In 1968, Harvard rallied from a 29-13 deficit with less than a minute remaining to tie the game. The next day, the Harvard Crimson ran the headline, "Harvard beats Yale 29-29."

    Here's why: Yale, featuring Calvin Hill in the backfield, had run up a 16-game winning streak -- the longest in the country -- and was ranked No.19 in the nation. Harvard was 8-0 going into the game, and, miraculously, came out of it unbeaten.

    Why reality TV will never run out of willing participants
    After the last workout before The Game, Harvard's seniors get to unburden themselves of four years of thoughts and grievances while the underclassmen listen. Scott Murrer, in the early 1980s, left this for his younger teammates to ponder: "I hate football. I did it for the glory and the girls. If 70,000 people wanted to watch me dig a ditch, I'd ask them where's the shovel."

    MIT's best game
    It's not just Harvard-Yale. It's also MIT vs. Harvard-Yale. Those wacky engineers always manage to come up with some ingenious prank. Best year: 1982. In the second quarter, a black weather balloon emblazoned with "MIT" arose from beneath the 46-yard-line, reached an elevation of 12 feet, exploded, and scattered baby powder all over the field. "There were no injuries," reported the Washington Post, "but the game was delayed about 10 minutes while baffled officials removed the heavy, black rubber balloon that had been buried under the sod and was activated by a remote control device."

    In an unrelated hack, the MIT band took the field and played the MIT fight song. How'd they do it? By masquerading as the Harvard band. Prank No. 3: MIT students passed out cards to fans and managed to get them turned over at the same time. What did the unwitting spectators spell out? MIT, of course.
    --Jeff Merron

    Wide Right
    1. 1991: No. 2 Miami beat No. 1 Florida State 17-16 when FSU kicker Gerry Thomas missed a 34-yard field goal that sailed wide right at the buzzer. Miami overcame a 16-7 fourth-quarter deficit and went on to share the national title with Washington.

    2. 1992: No. 2 Miami held on for a 19-16 victory over No. 3 FSU when Dan Mowrey's 39-yard FG at the last second sailed wide right.

    3. 2000: Ken Dorsey led Miami on a 73-yard drive in the final 1:37 to give the No. 7 Hurricanes a 27-24 lead over the No. 1 Seminoles. FSU had a 49-yard FG to tie, but Matt Munyon's kicker missed ... wide right.

    Wide Left
    2002: Once again, FSU had a field goal attempt to win the game, but Xavier Beitia missed a 43-yarder with one second left. No. 1 Miami 28, No. 12 Florida State 27.

    "I don't want to work, I just want to bang on the drum all day"
    Beginning in the mid-1960s, Florida State students have beat drums for three days straight before the Miami matchup (they also do this for the Florida game). At noon on Wednesday, members of "Burning Spear," a school spirit organization, pound on a large bass drum, called the "Spirit Drum,"continuously until gametime. The drum-beaters work in four hour shifts.

    Enemies? Not really
    Mutual respect. Friendship. These are the kinds of words and phrases that float around before and after the game. One FSU fan summed the general feelings of both sides: "I've always been a respecter of Miami; I have absolutely no respect for Florida. I hate losing to Miami, but if they beat us I always root for them to run the table. But if Florida never wins another game, it will be too soon."
    --Jeff Merron


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