Jerseys speak a thousand words
By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Throwback jerseys have never been more in the news, between their dominance as preferred player-fashion at the Super Bowl to LeBron's retro fiasco that unfolded last week. They bring new meaning to that ultimate fashion question: "Who are you wearing?"

Keyshawn Johnson said that wearing "Terry Bradshaw" showed his commitment to being a championship player. Warren Sapp wore "Ron Jaworski" at the Super Bowl, perhaps to tweak his Philly critics.

Do clothes make the wearer? Based on the actual models that Mitchell & Ness is producing these days, check our guide to what some of the most popular current throwbacks say about the wearer,:

Jim Everett
Think Jim Rome has one? Probably not.
Jim Everett
Team/Vintage: Saints No. 11/'94
"What It Says About You": Don't tease me with a woman's name!

Steve Bartkowski
Team/Vintage: Falcons No. 10/'80
"What It Says About You": Before there was God (I mean, Mike Vick), there was me.

Phil Simms
Team/Vintage: Giants No. 11/'86
"What It Says About You": Won't someone give my kid a job?

Joe Namath
Team/Vintage: Jets No. 12/'68
"What It Says About You": I am supremely cool.

Joe Namath
Team/Vintage: Rams No. 12/'77
"What It Says About You": I'm hanging on too long.

Ron Jaworski
Team/Vintage: Eagles No. 7/'80
"What It Says About You": My team just beat the Eagles, and now I'm chilling at the Super Bowl

Brett Favre
Team/Vintage: Falcons No. 4/'91
"What It Says About You": I have been overlooked, and you'll regret it.

So much retro, so little time? Page 2 has made it easy for you. Check out the galleries and vote for the best jersey:
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • MLB
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  • Jeff George
    Team/Vintage: Falcons No. 1/'94
    "What It Says About You": You'll regret not overlooking me.

    Joe Montana
    Team/Vintage: Chiefs No. 19/'94
    "What It Says About You": I'm a back-up to nobody!

    Steve Young
    Team/Vintage: 49ers No. 8/'94
    "What It Says About You": Who's no back-up to nobody?!

    Doug Williams
    Team/Vintage: Redskins No. 17/'87
    "What It Says About You": I have been black for a while, thanks for asking, jackass.

    Jim Kelly
    Team/Vintage: Bills No. 12/'90
    "What It Says About You": I was so close to being a winner. So close.

    Clyde Drexler
    Team/Vintage: Blazers No. 22/'91-92
    "What It Says About You": Me, too. Damn that Jordan.

    Gary Payton
    Kemp being exhausted from Father's Day didn't help the Sonics against the Bulls.
    Gary Payton
    Team/Vintage: Sonics No. 20/'93-94
    "What It Says About You": Me, too! Damn that Jordan!

    Lenny Wilkens
    Team/Vintage: Sonics No. 19/'68-69
    "What It Says About You": A lifetime ago, I could have worked you over.

    Reggie Theus
    Team/Vintage: Kings No. 24/'87-88
    "What It Says About You": Ten years later, Rick Fox's acting career could have been mine. Damn "Hang Time"...

    Alex English
    Team/Vintage: Nuggets No. 2/'87-88
    "What It Says About You": I feel underappreciated.

    Rick Barry
    Team/Vintage: Warriors No. 24/'66-67
    "What It Says About You": Just give me the damn ball.

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    Team/Vintage: Lakers No. 33/'79-80
    "What It Says About You": Why won't anyone hire me?

    James Worthy
    Team/Vintage: Lakers No. 42/'84-85
    "What It Says About You": Are you a cop?

    Elgin Baylor
    Sterling probably wouldn't have given Elgin an extension either.
    Elgin Baylor
    Team/Vintage: Lakers No. 22/'61-61
    "What It Says About You": Does anyone else think I have the worst job in the world?

    Rolando Blackman
    Team/Vintage: Mavericks No. 22/'83-84
    "What It Says About You": "I'm gonna choke?" I don't think so.

    Patrick Ewing
    Team/Vintage: Knicks No. 33/'85-86
    "What It Says About You": Anyone up for an All-Star trip to the Gold Club?

    Joe Bryant
    Team/Vintage: Sixers No. 23/'75-76
    "What It Says About You": Like father, like son

    Bill Walton
    Team/Vintage: Blazers No. 32/'76-77
    "What It Says About You": Oh, come on that's terrrrrible!

    Kenny Anderson
    Team/Vintage: Nets No. 7/'92-93
    "What It Says About You": I can't believe I spent my money on this

    Wes Unseld
    Team/Vintage: Bullets No. 41/'77-78
    "What It Says About You": I made the honor roll!

    Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His regular column, The Daily Quickie, is published at 9 a.m. every weekday morning.



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