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In the wake of the recent allegations made against Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, the issue of "street cred" has come flying to the surface. Marketers are even speculating that these allegations might finally give Kobe the "street cred" he needs to sell more shoes. But what exactly is "street cred"? And who has it? The defining characteristics of "street cred" remain unclear, so I've taken the liberty of drafting a chart to help sports fans distinguish which athletes have high amounts of street cred, which athletes have some street cred, and which athletes have absolutely no street cred. Just consult the chart below.

Category High
Street Cred
Street Cred
Street Cred
Tattoo "Thug Life: A cross Harry Potter
Cell phone ring tone 2Pac "Until the End of Time" "Mission Impossible" theme Celine Dion Chrysler ads
Cologne Fahrenheit Eternity Old Spice
Slang term "Fo shizzle my nizzle" "Straight trippin', Boo" "I'm not gonna pay a lot for this muffler"
Postgame props to ... Jesus Mom Teletubbies
Retro clothes Wes Unseld jersey Mesh trucker hat Aquaman underoos
Offseason hobby Gangsta rapper Jazz musician Collecting "Hello Kitty!" memorabilia
Car feature xbox Geo-navigational device "Baby On Board" sign
Cadillac Escalade Upholstery Imported Italian leather Suede Something with cow prints
On-flight game of choice Dominoes Poker Electronic Battleship
Parole violation Driving under the influence Skipping town without notifying proper authorities Removing tags from mattress
Favorite periodic element Cobalt Lithium Boron


Street cred: Who's got it?

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