What was Al Sharpton thinking?
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What the heck was the Rev. Al Sharpton thinking when he declared himself a candidate for the presidency?

Al Sharpton
The Reverend has beat Don King to the punch.
A. "The only current job prerequisite seems to be the ability to start a war. And I certainly know how to get one of those babies going."

B. "Of course America is ready for a black president. Have you seen the ratings for '24'?"

C. "The presidential seal would look fantastic on my velvet tracksuits."

D. "Three presidential candidates walked into a bar: A black, a Jew, and a ..."

E. "I was assured that at no point on the campaign trail would I have to engage in a hunger strike."

F. "Even if I don't win, it'll look good on my résumé if I ever decide to actually get a job."


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