What was Ernie Els thinking?
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What the heck was Ernie Els thinking when he had to pull out of last weekend's TPC because he injured his wrist while hitting a punching bag at his home?

Ernie Els
"Dude, I just got the Rocky box set on DVD ... it got out of hand."
A. "I needed a week off before the Masters, so I asked my buddy Jeff Kent to come up with a believable excuse."

B. "If you couldn't beat a puking Tiger Woods last week, you'd be punching things, too."

C. "Yeah, but you should have seen what the picture of Tiger looked like when I was done."

D. "It's a shame, because I really could've used the practice -- I still haven't perfected my fake 'I'm so happy for Tiger' smile."

E. "How do I tell them I was actually punching the 'A' button on my Xbox controller?"

F. "That's the last time I pretend to be a real athlete."


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