What was David Wells thinking?
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What the heck was David Wells thinking when he refused to pose for a Sports Illustrated cover shoot with George Steinbrenner and the other five Yankees starters (Roger Clemens, Mike Mussina, Andy Pettitte, Jeff Weaver and Jose Contreras), saying that SI was nothing but a version of the National Enquirer and the magazine had ripped him and his family for years?

David Wells
"What? There's a happy hour where? OK, we're going to have to cut this short."
A. "Fat Guy Rule No. 29: Never do a photo shoot with three or more people who each weigh at least 20 pounds less than you."

B. "First of all, Why is it called Sports Illustrated? No one's drawing pictures in the magazine. Shouldn't it be called Sports Photographed? That would be more accurate."

C. "As an author, I'm frankly appalled by their journalistic integrity."

D. "I'm a team player, and if we can't have all 12 Yankee starting pitchers on the cover, then I'm not doing it."

E. "Actually, I'm worried the cover isn't big enough for me and George, let alone the rest of those guys."

F. "Plus, they totally objectify women in the swimsuit issue."

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