What was Glen Sather thinking?
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What the heck was coach and GM Glen Sather thinking when he blamed Rangers' fans exuberant booing for the team's failure to make the NHL playoffs for the sixth straight year?

Pavel Bure
With highly-paid underachievers like Pavel Bure around, can you blame Rangers' fans for booing their flop of a team?

A. "As for the first five years, that was because of poor song selection by the PA guy."

B. "In order to avoid this next year, we're gonna beef up our fan base by getting the most expensive, injury-prone booers money can buy."

C. "Ya know, you just can't please a bunch of people paying outrageous ticket prices to watch an overpriced team underachieve and refuse to build."

D. "I should rip you all new 5-holes!"

E. "Knicks fans handle constant losses and poor management with a lot more grace."

F. "Seriously, our players are so brittle that booing like that could cause an injury."


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