What was Art Howe thinking?
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What the heck was manager Art Howe thinking as he watched his Mets strike out 27 times and make eight errors in a recent doubleheader loss to Arizona?

Art Howe
Mr. Howe, meet the Mets and their 27 strike outs.
A. "I'm sure that if we can trade for Jackie Earl Haley and Tatum O'Neal, we can get this ship turned around in no time."

B. "The New York media is so unfair! I bet nobody writes about the 27 times we didn't strike out, or the errors we didn't make."

C. "Yeah, but the rest of the split squad did great over in Bradenton."

D. "You know, we're just not the same team without Jeromy Burnitz."

E. "There's no place like Oakland. There's no place like Oakland. There's no place like Oakland."

F. "I wonder if Valentine left the fake-moustache-and-glasses disguise anywhere in the clubhouse."


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