What was Drew Rosenhaus thinking?
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What the heck was sports agent Drew Rosenhaus thinking when he called client Willis McGahee on his cell phone -- even though the two men were mere inches apart -- while they were on camera during the NFL draft in an attempt to make teams think McGahee was on the phone with another club that might want to draft him.

Willis McGahee
To the Buffalo Bills, the image of Willis on his cell phone was more important than this one.
A. "I wonder if Willis will fall for that 'Is your refrigerator running?' joke?"

B. "Just another day in the life of a used-car salesman . . . I mean, blood sucker . . . I mean, sports agent."

C. "I'm glad the draft is on a Saturday. Otherwise, I'd be getting killed on these minutes."

D. "Dude, we're, like, on national TV!"

E. "Can you hear me now? Good. Can you hear me now? Good. Can you hear me now? Good."

F. "Oops. Wrong number. I was trying to phone God. I mean, I've got a running back with one leg here."


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