What was the Miami Herald thinking?
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What the heck was the Miami Herald thinking when it implied that jockey Jose Santos cheated during the Kentucky Derby, based only on an indistinguishable blur in a photograph?

Jose Santos
Why can't everyone keep it simple and stick to blood doping?
A. "We stand by our story and our most reliable fact-checker, Jayson Blair."

B. "Either he cheated, or he was carrying a tiny little vampire."

C. "We're also running a story on a horse who claims a stripper ordered $1,000 of room service from the nag's hotel room."

D. "Plus, that strange brown thing he's riding looks suspiciously like a rocket car."

E. "We're still a little addled around here from counting all those hanging chads a few years ago."

F. "And look! In his right hand there -- isn't he holding the Lindbergh baby?"


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