What was Martha Stewart thinking?
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What the heck was Martha Stewart thinking when she was indicted on insider trading charges last week?

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart would be an expert on beautifying the big house.
A. "I've got some lovely plant holders that will really spruce up the prison yard."

B. "I can tough out prison with the best of them . . . as long as I have a private cell, access to a state-of-the-art kitchen, a few assistants and a cell phone."

C. "The ladies in my cell block are going to love my tips for making festive centerpieces out of shivs with pretty little ducks on them. And if anyone knows how to bake a file into a cake, it's me."

D. "Now I'll finally have something in common with the people who shop for my stuff at K-Mart."

E. "I can't imagine that an icon of manners and the blue-blood lifestyle such as myself won't be treated with the utmost respect in prison."

F. "As long as I'm already in trouble, I may as well flirt with jury-tampering, too."


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