What was Sandy Alderson thinking?
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What the heck was Sandy Alderson thinking when he didn't make certain Barry Zito had been informed that he'd been de-activated from the American League All-Star team in favor of Roger Clemens?

Sandy Alderson
"One more thing, Barry. I ran over your dog in the parking lot. Tough break."
A. "Hey, I figured Roger is callous enough to let Barry know himself."

B. "Why should I bother to make a phone call? It ain't like he wouldn't find out at the game."

C. "That's nothing. I also didn't tell him that he's been traded to Yokohama for a new scoreboard."

D. "I am so sick and tired of getting direct mail that assumes I'm a woman ... Now, let's see, wasn't there something I was supposed to do?

E. "Listen, I told Selig, who said he was going to tell Beane, who said he was going to tell Macha, who said he was going to tell Hudson, who said he was going to tell Zito. So technically, it isn't my fault."

F. "Let's see now ... if the big hand is on the four and the little hand is on the 12, then that makes it ... hmmm ... 10 o'clock. I think. But I can't be positive. Gosh, big hand four, little hand 12 ... why do they make it so hard to tell time?! Doggone it, I give up."


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