What was Chris Hanson thinking?
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What the heck was Jacksonville punter/holder Chris Hanson thinking when he cut his leg while he was using an ax to chop a tree stump in the Jaguars' locker room? (The tree stump was put there by Jacksonville head coach Jack Del Rio as an inspirational ploy. Hanson needed surgery for the injury.)

Chris Hanson
At least he'll make the blooper reel for the Great Outdoor Games.

A. "If I hadn't hurt myself on this thing, surely Fred Taylor would have. I'll show him what 'injury prone' really means."

B. "Nothing motivates a team more than watching a player remove his own limbs."

C. "Suddenly, I have newfound respect for Magnus Ver Magnusson and all the contestants in 'The World's Strongest Man' competition."

D. "I sure hope Coach Del Rio doesn't think the new 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' might be inspirational."

E. "Relax. I saw Bob Vila do this on TV yesterday."

F. "Hey, this could be the new plot twist that 'Playmakers' has been looking for."


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