What was the Nebraska A.D. thinking?
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What the heck was Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson thinking when he fired football coach Frank Solich at the end of a 9-3 regular season?

Steve Pederson
Hey, Steve Pederson's just doing all he can to make life interesting in Nebraska.
A. "There may never be a better time for us to get Doc Rivers."

B. "If all we're going to do is go 9-3, we might just as well go ahead and start graduating our players."

C. "If Frank can't avoid losing three games, it's going to be very difficult for him to fulfill all the obligations required of a football coach at the University of Nebraska -- like walk on water."

D. "You know, if you catch Bo Pelini in just the right light, he looks like Dr. Tom."

E. "I put a C-note on us making it to the Sugar Bowl back in August. Someone's gotta pay."

F. "Frank just wasn't bringing in the type of talent we're used to here at Nebraska, like Lawrence Phillips or Christian Peter."


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