What was Mark O'Meara thinking?
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What the heck was golfer Mark O'Meara thinking as he was shut out of the Skins Game winnings while Annika Sorenstam won $225,000?

Mark O'Meara
Believe it or not, Mark O'Meara is among those fighting to keep his card for next season, although he does have some options if he falls short.
A. "Sure, but let's just see if she can knit an afghan as fast as this guy."

B. "Where are all those feminists now to complain about equality in prize money? How come Martha Burk doesn't have my back?"

C. "I knew I should've rallied behind Vijay's cause."

D. "I thought the rules were, 'The more money she wins, the more skin she shows'."

E. "So what? Let's see her 'write' her initials in the snow."

F. "Yeah, she won a lot of money. But the last $25,000 of it was all singles from guys in the gallery."


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