What was Chuck Wepner thinking?
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What the heck was ex-boxer Chuck Wepner thinking when he filed a $15 million lawsuit last month against Sylvester Stallone for compensation for the creation of Stallone's 'Rocky Balboa' character. (Wepner claims Stallone based 'Rocky' on his life, but never received a cent for his part in the development of the character. The first 'Rocky' was released in 1976, which means Wepner waited 27 years to file suit.)

Chuck Wepner
Here's hoping Chuck Wepner and Sly Stallone settle this in the ring.
A. "I just felt like I needed to get this done before Sly goes broke. Have you seen his recent movies?"

B. "And I'm pretty sure that Judge Dredd character was modeled after me, too."

C. "Hey, I was the one who suggested he change Rocky's nickname from 'The Italian Scallion'."

D. "Despite Sly's Oscar nod in '76, that statue in Philly and a five-movie franchise empire, I only recently became aware that this whole 'Rocky' thing was generating some cash."

E. "Let's make one thing clear, though: The guy in 'Rocky II,' 'Rocky III' and 'Rocky IV' were definitely not me."

F. "I sure hope this works better than my last lawsuit, when I said that Judge Wapner based his TV series on me. Turns out he was the judge in the case."


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