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NFL murder trials vs. McSorley slash


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NFL murder trials

Why they are on the list: Two murder trials involving NFL players is too many. Cherica Adams, Rae Carruth's girlfriend, was eight months pregnant when she was shot to death by Van Brett Watkins. Watkins, who admits to killing Adams, says the killing was arranged by Carruth. The defense contends that Watkins shot Adams to frame Carruth because he was angry, not because Carruth paid him to kill the woman.
Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens was charged with double-murder after two men were stabbed repeatedly during a fight outside a post-Super Bowl party. Lewis maintained that he simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he complicated the situation by lying to the police. Without much direct evidence linking Lewis to the stabbings, prosecutors tried to convince the jury that Lewis masterminded a conspiracy to cover up the crime. Lewis eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, when the prosecution agreed to drop the murder charges if he testified against the other defendants.

Marty McSorley
Suspended NHL hockey player

Why he is on the list: McSorley was convicted of assault in a Canada court after a bloody hit in the closing seconds of a game that left Donald Brashear of Vancouver unconscious and twitching on the ice. McSorley contended that he was aiming to slash Brashear on the shoulder, not the head, but the judge disagreed and sentenced him to 18 months of probation. Concern was expressed that athletes in other sports might face criminal charges for violence committed during games. The NHL suspended McSorley for one year, which will be up on Feb. 21. Brashear missed 20 games, sat out training camp in a contract dispute, then re-signed with the Canucks on Sept. 20.

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