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OTL Primetime Series History 1990-95

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Outside the Lines: When the Cheering Stops, May 1990, probed the problems faced by amateur and professional athletes once their playing careers ended.

Outside the Lines: The Autograph Game, December 1990, explored the booming business of sports memorabilia.

Outside the Lines: The Life and Times of Howard Cosell, August 1991, focused on Cosell's broadcasting career and impact on sports television.

Outside the Lines: Steroids - Whatever it Takes, December 1991, looked at the impact of performance-enhancing drugs in amateur and professional sports.

Outside the Lines: Mike Tyson, February 1992, examined the future of the heavyweight division in the wake of Mike Tyson's conviction for rape.

Outside the Lines: The Changing Faces of Baseball, March 1992, examined economic changes in baseball and how they have affected the players and the game on the field, ownership and management, and small market franchises.

Outside the Lines: Men & Women - Sex & Sports, May 1992, analyzed the male athletes' lifestyle in relation to women and sex.

Outside the Lines: The Sport of Money, July 1992, reviewed the growth of sports from a game to big business, and the growing separation of the athlete from the fan.

Outside the Lines: All The Presidents' Games, October 1992, took a historical and contemporary look at our chief executives, their sporting passions and interests.

Outside the Lines: Portraits in Black and White, December 1992, reported on current race and sport issues.

Outside the Lines: Shaq's Sudden Impact, February 1993, chronicled the impact Shaquille O'Neal had on the NBA, the Orlando Magic, and the sports advertising community.

Outside the Lines: Days of Madness, March 1993, chronicled 48 hours at the NCAA Men's Final Four.

Outside the Lines: The Ego Game, June 1993, looked at the positive role of the ego relative to an athlete's success, and situations where the ego had gone out of control and contributed to the demise of the individual and those around him.

Outside the Lines: Boxing on the Ropes?, July 1993, explored boxing's power structure, the politics of the system and the treatment of its most important resource: the boxers themselves.

Outside the Lines: Coaching in the 90's, October 1993, examined issues affecting the coaches profession. It also explored cases where athletes accused coaches of being abusive either sexually or psychologically.

Outside the Lines: Winning and Losing, December 1993, looked at the successes and failures of athletes and the importance placed on winning as well as the stigma placed on losing.

Outside the Lines: Ali: Still the Greatest, February 1994, profiled Muhammad Ali featuring unprecedented access to the champ and his family in his home and on the road. It also explored many of the myths surrounding Ali's physical condition, showing the mental sharpness within a body suffering from Parkinson's syndrome.

Outside the Lines: Gambling With Our Games, March 1994, examined the issue of gambling in sports, with a special look at teenage gambling.

Outside the Lines: Jordan's Dream Spring, April 1994, discussed the many facets of Michael Jordan as he pursued his dream to make the 1994 Chicago White Sox roster.

Outside the Lines: Our Violent Games, June 1994, examined the issue of violence in sports, how it is managed and marketed, and how it affected those involved with the events.

Outside the Lines: Baseball - An American Portrait, August 1994, explored baseball as a metaphor for American society.

Outside the Lines: Triumph of the Spirit, September, 1994, discussed current issues involving physically or mentally challenged athletes.

Outside the Lines: A League Second to None, October 1994, took a historical look at Negro League Baseball.

Outside the Lines: The High School Game, December 1994, explored the state of high school athletics in the `90's.

Outside the Lines: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Game, March 1995, investigated current issues surrounding college basketball.

Outside the Lines: Play Ball, April 1995, took a look at Major League Baseball's Opening Day: the history, new beginnings and the economics of baseball.

Outside the Lines: A Time to Play, A Time to Pray, May 1995, explored how and why sports and religion intersect in the 1990's.

Outside the Lines: Sports Talk Mania, June 1995, examined the rapid rise of sports-talk radio and its impact on sports and society.

Outside the Lines: Tyson -- The Return, August 1995, examined the impact of Mike Tyson's return to the sport of boxing prior to his fight against Peter McNeeley. Included live roundtable discussions, an interview with Don King and a look at Tyson's life in the Indiana State Youth Center.

Outside the Lines: A Rip of Games, September 1995, featured live reports from Camden Yards on the eve of Cal Ripken breaking Lou Gehrig's consecutive game playing streak with segments focusing on a statistical look at the streak, other major sports records, and teams' use of the disabled list.

Outside the Lines: Brownout in Cleveland, December 1995, examined "free-agent franchises" -- focusing on the current trend of franchise movement in professional sports.

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