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We've reached the ultimate moment of the inaugural XFL season. (Well, it's all sort of been downhill since those Week 1 TV ratings.)

Over the past six weeks, Page 2 has slowly booted teams out of the league with our XFL Survivor Game. Now, only two teams are left on the island: the Las Vegas Outlaws and the Orlando Rage.

As always, we're leaving it up to you to decide which team should emerge as the champion of our "reality-based TV" game.

Page 2 readers have made the arguments for why both the Rage and Outlaws deserve the title; now it's time for you to choose by voting in the poll at left.

Las Vegas Outlaws (4-3)

Why they should go: The Rage humiliated the Outlaws at home. What more reason do you need to bump Vegas off into the desert?
-- Gary Bloom, Austin, Texas

Why they should stay: The Outlaws should stay: Out Wit, Out Play, Outlaws!
-- John McTigue, West Hartford, Conn.

Orlando Rage (6-1)

Why they should go: The Orlando Rage has to go, because a team playing that good in a league like this cannot be real. And it's like in good Western flicks, you're rooting for the Outlaws to win.
-- Flo Zenger, Nuremberg, Germany

Why they should stay: The Rage are the XFL's version of the Vikings, so they gotta stay.
-- Mike Grasso, Pine Bush, N.Y.

San Francisco Demons (voted off after Week 6)

Why they're gone: They might have great uniforms, but their greatness ends there. A recent sin that the Demons committed: They tried to give their stadium the nickname, "The Hellhole." What? It might have been hell to line up against the feared 'Niners defenses of the 1980s (think Ronnie Lott, a real football stud). However, San Fran did little to conjure up images of Dante's Inferno against the Hitmen last week.
-- Chad Fuller, Lansing, Mich.

Los Angeles Xtreme (voted off after Week 5)

Why they're gone: Glad to see that the Maniacs are gone. I know I spelled Maniacs wrong according to XFL dogma, but c'mon, like I'm gonna like the name any better cause it has an X at the end of it. "Oh boy, they're crazy enough to spell they're name with an X, these guys play by their own rules, wait, I mean rulz."

And what kind of name is Maniacs anyway, is that supposed to inspire within me the desire to root for insane people? Can't wait for the Louisville Lunatix or the Cleveland Incompetent to Stand Trial.

My vote is for the L.A. Xtreme to get booted. It starts with a "E," you frickin' morons.
-- Tom Self, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Birmingham Bolts (voted off after Week 4)

Why they're gone: Is there any question why the Bolts should not stay? After losing 30-6 to Orlando, these guys might be able to contend with the Chargers or a Division II college team. But other than that they are worthless.
-- Jeff Kranz, Blue Springs Missouri

Memphis Maniax (voted off after Week 3)

Why they're gone: I can't look at those uniforms any longer. I know they will continue to play regardless, but we need to vote them off to show that we, as a nation, do not approve of sea foam green as a color.
-- Rob Razzano, Cincinnati

Chicago Enforcers (voted off after Week 2)

Why they're gone: Say goodbye to the Enforcers. Anytime a team is No. 1 in the league in scoring, yet is still winless on the year, it deserves to be kicked off the island.
-- DP Buck, Stanford, Calif.

N.Y./N.J. Hitmen (voted off after Week 1)

Why they're gone: If we want an inept, bumbling offense from New York that's not going to score any points, we'll take the Giants.

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