Being ... a D.C. fan
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With Steve Spurrier, Michael Jordan and Jaromir Jagr all moving into town, what's on the mind of the typical Washington sports fan these days. Page 2 takes a peek inside the head of a D.C. loyalist:


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"Danny Wuerffel? Shane Matthews? We'll trust Steve as long as he doesn't start hiring family members for his coaching staff ..."

"Aha! Now I know what the Bible meant when it said 'Money is the root of all evil.' "

"Yeah, he's good. But what I can't figure out is why they call him Air."

"Kwame? Isn't that Swahili for 'Splinter Butt'?"

"My Terps are a sure bet for the Final Four ... unless Gary's sweat glands get blocked."

"I know he has won the last four scoring titles, but this year he has been about as frail as Mick Jagger."

"If they moved them here, they could be the Washington Exposé."