Boucher runs over Event 6 final table

For the first time at World Series of Poker Europe, a shorthanded pot-limit Omaha tournament was added to the schedule. Just like the previous five events, it continued the trend of WSOPE growth and featured a large field of 339 players. Philippe Boucher, a 29-year-old professional poker player born from Quebec, knocked out each of his five opponents at the final table to win his first WSOP bracelet and the top prize of 124,584 euros.

"It's incredible," said Boucher. "It's really incredible how I won it, busting every single player at the final table. Being the chip leader is sure a lot easier than being short-stacked."

Boucher became the sixth Canadian player to win a WSOP bracelet in 2011. He currently lives in Las Vegas with his wife and has taken the game seriously since 2003 when he decided not to to continue pursuing his degree in electrical engineering. Since that time, he's earned $388,859 on the tournament felt, with $242,776 coming from WSOP-related events.

"The WSOP name is huge and to win a gold bracelet now, especially since things are expanding and going to Europe and the fields are getting bigger and tough, I think it's better to win here and now," he said. "I know there is some comments about WSOP Europe fields being smaller [than in Las Vegas]. But they are certainly tougher. The prize may be a little less, but the pride in winning is just the same."

Boucher's dominated the final table so thoroughly that it took only four hours to complete. He entered the final table second in chips behind Chilean online poker superstar Nicolas Fierro, but quickly fell into third as Michel Dattani moved into the lead. Boucher then stepped into the driver's seat and eliminated Jack Ellwood and Jarred Solomon in back-to-back hands. Moments later, he'd knock out Alexander Dozhenko in fourth and had half the chips in play with just two opponents left.

Fierro hit the rail next, suffering a beat holding K-K-10-8 to Boucher's Q-J-10-5 as Boucher turned two pair (2-8-10-Q-3). Heads-up play began with Boucher holding a little more than a 2-to-1 lead, but from the very first hand of heads-up play, Dattani never had a chance to overcome the Canadian's rush. Less than an hour later, Dattani had A-A-J-7 and was eliminated as Boucher's A-Q-10-9 made a straight on the river.

"I think it was a combination of things," he said regarding what accounted for his victory. "[Both skill and luck] really went well for me. I caught good cards, but I also maximized the opportunities I had. That's a dangerous combination when that happens."

Other notable finishers include Bryan Devonshire (eighth), Victor Ramdin (11th) and Alexander Kostritsyn (17th).

Below are the complete results of WSOPE Event 6:

Event 6: Six-handed pot-limit Omaha
Buy-in: 1,500 euros
Entries: 339
Prize pool: 498,300 euros
Players in the money: 36

1. Philippe Boucher (124,584 euros)
2. Michel Dattani (76,982)
3. Nicolas Fierro (53,426)
4. Alexander Dovzhenko (37,529)
5. Jarred Solomon (26,676)
6. Jack Ellwood (19,181)
7. Rifat Palevic (13,948)
8. Bryan Devonshire (13,948)
9. John Nahum (10,261)
10. Victor Ramdin (10,261)
11. Jon Spinks (7,629)
12. Antony Lellouche (7,629)
13. David Kahan (5,731)
14. Joseph Noujeim (5,731)
15. Jean-Paul Pasqualini (5,731)
16. Salman Behbehani (5,731)
17. Alexander Kostritsyn (5,731)
18. Joshua Green (5,731)
19. Tommy Vedes (4,360)
20. Ludovic Lacay (4,360)
21. Tomoki Watanabe (4,360)
22. Joao Barbosa (4,360)
23. Juha Vilkki (4,360)
24. Nicolas Chouity (4,360)
25. Matt Stout (3,339)
26. Carlos Mortensen (3,339)
27. Peter Dragar (3,339)
28. Marco Traniello (3,339)
29. Hans Winzeler (3,339)
30. Benjamin Pollak (3,339)
31. Roberto Romanello (2,616)
32. John Eames (2,616)
33. Richard Ashby (2,616)
34. Jeremy Kottler (2,616)
35. Steve Billirakis (2,616)
36. Stephane Tayar (2,616)