Pope cruises to Event 2 victory

Editor's note: A replay of this final table can be found on demand at ESPN3.com.

Most final tables offer a little glimmer of doubt regarding the outcome, regardless of who holds the chip lead. Perhaps the player with the largest stack crumbles under the pressure or maybe they get unlucky and ultimately fall short of the goal. In the $5,000 eight-handed no-limit hold 'em Event 2 final table at the 2013 World Series of Poker, any observer knew there was no question that Trevor Pope would earn the $553,906 score. In less than four hours at the final table felt, the Las Vegas-based professional poker player had everything fall his way to defeat a talented group of eight and claim his first WSOP victory.

"I ran extremely well this time," said Pope to the WSOP regarding his final table effort. "Anyone can see that. I can't deny that."

While every player at the final table has found success on the felt around the world, only one, Dan Kelly, had previously captured a WSOP bracelet. Pope called Kelly one of the top five tournament players in the world, but this time even "DJK" couldn't stop him.

Pope had nearly half the chips in play when final table action began and wasted no time disposing of his competition. David Peters was the first to go, moving all-in with K-2 and falling to Pope's Q-Q. Peters now has finished second, fourth, seventh and eighth at his four WSOP final tables.

Darryll Fish is one of Pope's best friends and, momentarily, he got healthier at Pope's expense with seven players remaining. Fish doubled through Pope (A-K > A-J) to reduce the monstrous chip lead briefly. On the very next hand, Pope's stack was replenished when Brandon Myers ran his A-Q into Pope's A-A. Meyers, eliminated in seventh for $62,915, earned his ninth WSOP cash and second final table in this event. Pope's run continued as he cracked Kelly's A-A with Q-7 by hitting trips on the river and with five players left, he held eight times the stack of his next nearest competitor.

David Vamplew eliminated Jamie Armstrong in fifth place (A-Q >A-3) and for the next 50 hands, Pope continued to be aggressive preflop to build his stack while the other three simply tried to separate themselves from the pack. The cards fell Pope's way once again, as he knocked out Jared Hamby in fourth (A-J > A-K) and Fish in third (9-9 > J-8) and he entered heads-up play against Vamplew with a 13-to-1 chip lead. Vamplew doubled up once during the seven-hand battle, but Pope won a flip (A-6 > 5-5) to finish off his Scottish opponent and win his first live title since a preliminary event at Festa Al Lago in 2010. Vamplew has made two WSOP final tables, with second- and fourth-place results.

Not only did Pope's friends storm the stage to congratulate him, but Revis, Pope's dog, also made his way to the winner's circle.

"Revis is my pride and joy. He's the only thing that money can't buy," said Pope. " He's our good luck charm. Anytime someone we know is at the final table, he comes. We're 2-for-2 now."

Revis was also tableside during Joey Weissman's victory last year.

The first open bracelet event of the year attracted a field of 481 players and created a $2.2 million prize pool. Many believe the $5,000 no-limit hold 'em event later in the Series will offer double the turnout.

Other notable finishers included Tom Marchese (10th), Brian Rast (14th), Griffin Benger (16th), 2012 October Niner Jeremy Ausmus (39th) and Antonio Esfandiari (43rd).

Below are the complete results of Event 2 at the 2013 World Series of Poker:

Event 2: Eight-handed no-limit hold 'em
Buy-in: $5,000
Entries: 481
Prize pool: $2,260,700
Players in the money: 56

1. Trevor Pope ($553,906)
2. David Vamplew ($342,450)
3. Darryll Fish ($215,286)
4. Jared Hamby ($154,518)
5. Jamie Armstrong ($112,695)
6. Dan Kelly ($83,552)
7. Brandon Meyers ($62,915)
8. David Peters ($48,130)
9. Rafal Michalowski ($37,391)
10. Tom Marchese ($37,391)
11. Kristijonas Andrulis ($29,502)
12. Ismael Bojang ($29,502)
13. Markus Gonsalves ($23,624)
14. Brian Rast ($23,624)
15. Chris DeMaci ($19,193)
16. Griffin Benger ($19,193)
17. Joe Serock ($15,824)
18. Mike DeGilio ($15,824)
19. Ben Hamnett ($15,824)
20. Peter Gould ($15,824)
21. Keith Lehr ($15,824)
22. Matthew Parry ($15,824)
23. Ben Yu ($15,824)
24. David Diaz ($15,824)
25. David Sands ($13,247)
26. Kai Chang ($13,247)
27. Tony Gargano ($13,247)
28. Garen Nichanian ($13,247)
29. Jeremy Ausmus ($13,247)
30. Paul Kuzmich ($13,247)
31. Cary Katz ($13,247)
32. James Copher ($13,247)
33. Alexander Kuzmin ($11,235)
34. Jesse Sylvia ($11,235)
35. Kyle Julius ($11,235)
36. Greg Ostrander ($11,235)
37. Scott Baumstein ($11,235)
38. Brandon Cantu ($11,235)
39. Mike Sowers ($11,235)
40. John Dolan ($11,235)
41. Eric Blair ($9,743)
42. JJ Liu ($9,743)
43. Antonio Esfandiari ($9,743)
44. John Riordan ($9,743)
45. Brian Lemke ($9,743)
46. Sam Stein ($9,743)
47. Brendon Rubie ($9,743)
48. Ryan Schmidt ($9,743)
49. Shapour Shirzadi ($8,432)
50. Andy Seth ($8,432)
51. Bryan Piccioli ($8,432)
52. Eric Ladny ($8,432)
53. Steve Brecher ($8,432)
54. Andreas Hoivold ($8,432)
55. Sergey Rybachenko ($8,432)
56. Angel Guillen ($8,432)