No more seconds for Marco Johnson

Finishing second in a World Series of Poker event seems like an outstanding achievement. You've probably earned a good amount of money, the respect of the thousands in the game and some confidence, but let's face it, finishing second is not the desired result. Marco Johnson had settled for second three times over the past five years. He was second out of 2,317 in 2008 in a $2,000 no-limit hold 'em event, second out of 302 in a $2,500 six-handed limit event in 2012 and just a week ago, finished second again in the pot-limit Omaha split Event 31. On Friday, second just wouldn't cut it. Johnson defeated Jeff Thompson heads-up to win the bracelet in the $2,500 six-handed limit hold 'em event and finally become a WSOP champion.

"It feels really good," Johnson said to the WSOP. "If I would have taken second place again, I would have been very upset. So, I'm really happy to be sitting here and not driving home upset. It's a much better experience to be feeling this right now, rather than taking second.

"The money is nice for second, but playing these tournaments is with one goal in mind, which is to win," he continued. "When you don't, you feel like you didn't finish something. Or, you did something wrong. Or, you second guess yourself that if I would have done this or that differently. It's nice when you win not to have that, 'I should have done this' feeling."

Johnson is well versed in all poker variations, but finds that limit hold 'em is one of his best games and three of his seven WSOP final tables have come in the game. He typically plays in the high stakes mixed cash games, but has dedicated himself this summer to the tournament grind. So far it's worked out with six cashes, including three final table appearances.

Other notable finishers include Juha Helppi (third), Maria Ho (sixth), Mike Watson (eighth) and David Baker (10th). This was Baker's seventh cash of the 2013 Series.

Below are the complete results of Event 48 at the 2013 World Series of Poker:

Event 48: Six-handed limit hold 'em
Buy-in: $2,500
Entries: 343
Prize pool: $780,325
Players in the money: 36

1. Marco Johnson ($206,796)
2. Jeff Thompson ($127,801)
3. Juha Helppi ($82,956)
4. Danny Warchol ($55,457)
5. Michael Schiffman ($38,095)
6. Maria Ho ($26,858)
7. Danny Le ($19,430)
8. Mike Watson ($19,430)
9. Paul Mattioda ($14,404)
10. David Baker ($14,404)
11. Jon Seaman ($10,940)
12. Jason Rivkin ($10,940)
13. Melanie Banfield ($8,513)
14. Mitch Schock ($8,513)
15. John Monnette ($8,513)
16. Christopher Vitch ($8,513)
17. Guiseppe Massa ($8,513)
18. Lee Goldman ($8,513)
19. Richard Lewis ($6,781)
20. Kevin Bradley ($6,781)
21. Calvin Anderson ($6,781)
22. Victor Lemos Lama ($6,781)
23. Hal Lubarsky ($6,781)
24. Matt Molinari ($6,781)
25. Howard Roughan ($5,579)
26. Steve Chanthabouasy ($5,579)
27. Benjamin Scholl ($5,579)
28. Sean Berrios ($5,579)
29. Jonathan Little ($5,579)
30. Jeff Lisandro ($5,579)
31. Nicholas Derke ($4,596)
32. Jon Turner ($4,596)
33. Brent Wheeler ($4,596)
34. Aalok Arora ($4,596)
35. Jim Willerson ($4,596)
36. Otto Richard ($4,596)