Re-examining my preseason Top 25 

January, 23, 2012

Let it never be said that I'm not willing to call myself a dummy when I am one, just as I'm not afraid to dislocate my shoulder in an effort to pat myself on the back from time to time.

In that spirit, there's no better way to tie a big ole bow on the 2011 college football season than by going back and breaking down my initial mid-August preseason Power Rankings Top 25 ballot.

Not surprisingly, I fell into some of the same traps that most writers (and fans) did. Not surprisingly, I probably won't learn from my mistakes and will stumble into the same holes again next fall.

The Underestimated QBs

Baylor Bears
My Preseason Ranking: NR
My Final Ranking: 13
Final AP Ranking: 13

I knew RG3 was good; I didn't know he was that good. It took all of one game for me -- and the rest of the nation -- to realize I had underestimated him.

Kansas State Wildcats
My Preseason Ranking: NR
My Final Ranking: 18
Final AP Ranking: 15

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