Sprint Cup Power Rankings: Sonoma

Each week of the Sprint Cup season, ESPN The Magazine's Ryan McGee ranks the top 20 drivers in the series. Last week's rankings are in parentheses, as are the top-10s.

Don't agree with McGee's list? Let him -- and the rest of the world -- know in the conversation section at the bottom of the page. But remember, make your mama proud.

New this week

Jeff Burton, Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Dropped out

Denny Hamlin, Juan Pablo Montoya

Biggest mover

Greg Biffle jumps six spots from 13th to seventh.

Biggest loser

Kurt Busch falls six spots from 11th to 17th.

Also considered

Austin Dillon, Trevor Bayne, Charlie Glotzbach

No. 1. Jimmie Johnson

Welcome to the annual Father's Day edition, featuring comments made by my 8-year-old daughter during the race. For Jimmie: "He was totally trying to win, Dad. You can't blame him for that."

No. 2. Kevin Harvick

"It's Father's Day and he has a baby! What's his name? Keelan? That's fun to say. How many different ways can you say it? Key-luhn. Kee-land. Key-line ..." (This goes on for the next 15 minutes.)

No. 3. Kyle Busch

"You know, I like M&M's. And I really like peanut butter. So you would think I would like peanut M&M's, but that's just not how I roll."

No. 4. Matt Kenseth

"Why does his car say Husky? He doesn't look that Husky to me. Maybe he has a Husky dog."

No. 5. Carl Edwards

"Hey, it's that guy who was naked in your ESPN Magazine!"

No. 6. Clint Bowyer

"Can I try some of that 5-Hour Energy stuff? No?! Why not?"

No. 7. Greg Biffle

"His name is even more fun to say than Keelan. Biff. The Biff. Biff-uhl. Biff-all. Biff-unh..." (This also goes on for 15 minutes.)

No. 8. Tony Stewart

"It's cool that his nickname is Smoke, but I hope he doesn't actually smoke because that would mean either he is smoking cigarettes that are bad for you or he is on fire. That is also bad for you."

No. 9. Brad Keselowski

"Do you remember when I got my picture taken with him at the Rockingham track? He had his regular clothes on instead of his superhero suit."

No. 10. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

"Aw, man, his car is all smoked up. He has Superman painted on his car, so, Dad, you totally have to write something tomorrow about kryptonite. No one else will think of that."

No. 11. Kasey Kahne

"Hey, it's the guy with the blue eyes that Mom is always talking about."

No. 12. Martin Truex Jr.

"If he was a superhero his archenemy would be Martin False-ex Jr. Get it?"

No. 13. Joey Logano

"He looks young. What grade is he in?"

No. 14. Jeff Gordon

"His hair is getting kind of gray like Grandpa's."

No. 15. Paul Menard

"Why don't all the drivers have their name painted big on their cars like he does?"

No. 16. Aric Almirola

"The King!"

No. 17. Kurt Busch

"Do they build his car in the same factory where they build the furniture?"

No. 18. Ryan Newman

"He has the same first name as you, Dad, so I guess he's your favorite driver, right?"

No. 19. Jeff Burton

"You know what would be cool? If they painted his car to actually look like a caterpillar."

No. 20. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

"It's Danica's boyfriend!"